Is this the cleverest boy in the wo....

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Erik Finman felt school was holding him back. So he dropped out. At 15, he worked in Silicon Valley. Now 17, he’s been hired in London – and touted as the future of the internet. William Leith meets the superteen The entrepreneur Erik Finman is telling me about money. “There’s US dollars, and UK pounds, and euros, and they’re backed by the government,” he says. “But the governme.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Here come the Tiger Tech Moms

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Is your toddler coding yet? Booked into tech camp? Fluent in Java? You need to get with the program. Will Pavia meets Liz Bacelar, one of a new breed of (very) competitive mothers determined to raise the Mark Zuckerbergs of the future. How do we make sure our children do not study a humanities subject at university? That is the question for the modern parent. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Things to Consider Before Taking Ou....

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When you are in a financial bind, it can be extremely stressful. Considering that money is what people need to live from day to day, it can be very hard to be uncertain about how you are going to get by for a period of time without it. However, many people are familiar with the option of getting a loan in order to get you to your next paycheck. While loans can be a valuable and helpful resource, i.... {{ Continue Reading }}