How to find a great Private School in Croydon

By :- Kate, On November 27, 2017 in ::-Parenting, Tips

Croydon is a town in the South of England and is the largest commercial district outside Central London. It has a nigh time economy and an extensive shopping district. The residents are majority British, followed by Indians. Croydon offers access to high quality education through various schools in and across the area.

What to look for in a private school?

Avoid selecting a school only because it is on the top of the ranking. There are many other factors which work here. In order to ensure that you are choosing the right school for your child, visit a couple of schools and take a look at the environment and the campus in which your child will be spending maximum time.

Academic profile

Further, look at the long term academic profile of the school and not just one year results. Meet the pupils and see how they interact with you. If there is a specific reason you are choosing a particular school, for example, the sports ground because your child loves sport, or the library because your child is an avid reader, then visit the specific facility of every school.

Interact with teachers

Meet the teachers and learn about how they behave with you. Is there enough parent intervention in the school? Schools that allow parents to be a part of their child’s activities have a strong communication system between the teachers and the parents.


Not every private school offers excellent curriculum. Take a look at the curriculum and the subjects offered in the course when deciding on the school. This will help you remove schools from the list that do not meet your requirements. If you want your child to learn a specific foreign language, you need to check if the school is providing it as a subject. Contact Cumnor House School in Croydon and learn about the curriculum and methods of teaching in the school.

Co-curricular activities

Learn about the different activities that are organized in the school. A good private school will provide an overall development of your child. The child should enjoy every art, sport and cultural activities organized in the school. See if the school lays importance on these activities or if it simply concentrates on the grades.

Cumnor house school is a single sex school for boys and girls. The school has a high reputation and offers the best learning environment. It has a nursery and a preparatory school for boys and girls. Parents can Contact Cumnor House School, to learn about the admission and application process. The school is highly reputed and has an excellent success record. Most importantly, your child should enjoy the environment in school and should be prepared for the global world. School is the first step towards the journey of education and to start with a great private school, is getting half the job done. Do not simply trust the rankings or rely on the advertisements of the school. Take efforts and visit the school in person to make sure that you are taking the right steps.