7 Top Life Lessons to Teach Your Ch....

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When it comes to having kids, there's so much to think about and worry about. You're worried about their safety, education, diet, friends. The list is endless. Teaching your kids some of the important life lessons you've learned over the years is a simple way to help them get ahead in life without having to make some of your same mistakes. A parent's job is never done, but these 7 top life lessons.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Melktert – A Delicious Dessert to....

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If your kids are hungry and you are thinking about preparing something new for them, consider going for a finger licking dessert. Desserts such as malva pudding, mealie-bread and koeksisters, which are same as fried donuts, are quite common in South-African regions. One of the most fascinating desserts of South –Africa is the Melktert. Also known as milk tart, it is a traditional dessert resembl.... {{ Continue Reading }}

6 Methods to Help Keep Your Kid Saf....

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Imagining your child behind the wheel is very scary, and can cause many parents sleepless hours as they wait up for their children to return home from a date or night out with buddies. Your mixed feelings are justified as you give up the keys to your eager child. On one hand you are glad they are capable of driving allowing you a break from car assembling and schlepping, however your kids’ new f.... {{ Continue Reading }}

How to Care for an Elderly Relative....

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Caring for an elderly relative is a strong commitment that most are more than willing to carry out for their loved ones as they enter more fragile years. By providing care for an elderly relative there can be many moments of fulfilment as you help to provide a better way of life for someone close and in need. However, most carers’ responsibilities are not just the soul care of one person. The.... {{ Continue Reading }}

7 Valuable Apps for Parents

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Parents are usually faced with an enormous responsibility from juggling work, finances, family, children and their personal needs. Mobile technology becomes an important partner of parents in managing their time and responsibilities, making them more organized and productive every day. Mobile applications are numerous and there are several apps with distinct features that can help make a parent’.... {{ Continue Reading }}

How to Select a Good Croquet Set fo....

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It is a difficult task to select a good Croquet set from the wide range of seats available in the market.  Hence, one should be aware of what to look for when buying a set for oneself. History of Croquet This is a simple and funny game.  The game involves mallets to hit balls and to gain points hoops are used.  The person will be declared the winner if he hits the winning peg or scores th.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Five Electricals You Couldn’t....

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Take a minute to think about just how many electricals you used before you stepped out of the house this morning. Perhaps you were woken by an alarm clock, put the kettle on for a cuppa, warmed your porridge in the microwave, used a hair dryer or straighteners to tame your mane and then unlocked your car with a key fob. With that in mind, here are the top five electricals you simply can’t liv.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Winter Warmers – What to Cook....

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Winter, although a fun season, boasts darker nights and chilly weather. In the place of soups and salads we want something warm and hearty in our bellies. So instead of dining alfresco on a summer’s dish, take to snuggling round the fire with a wholesome meal. Healthy and wholesome Baked potatoes are a great option for the entire family. In fact, potatoes have been a dietary staple for .... {{ Continue Reading }}

What to Look For In A Steam Cleaner....

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Steam cleaners, one of the latest additions to the arsenal of household cleaning appliances, have found their way into many homes. If you’re yet to get involved in this craze then you may be wondering what you should look for in a steam cleaner – and that’s where this handy guide comes into play. Portability While you will more than likely be looking at steam cleaners for floors, porta.... {{ Continue Reading }}