Pioneering Child Safe Websites

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In the current age of online technology, it is no surprise that our children are sometimes more technologically inclined than us as parents. However beneficial this may seem, the threat of having our children exposed to potential online danger is real. It is of utmost importance that parents talk to their children about the use of online sites, including social media sites such as Facebook. Fac.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Pay a Little More to Get a Lot More....

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We all do our best to get the best deal we can on everything we buy these days – and insurance is no exception. But there are some options on home insurance where you can choose to pay a small amount more per month in order to get a lot more cover overall. It’s so easy to get new insurance quotes online today, especially if you use a site like igo4 so you only have to input your details onc.... {{ Continue Reading }}

How To Spot If Your Child Is Dyslex....

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Image credit: child reading Dyslexia is defined as a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters and other symbols, but – and here's the vital part – that do not affect general intelligence. All too often, dyslexia is used as a synonym for stupidity, and dyslexic people are dim. This is absolutely not the case, and thankfully the gen.... {{ Continue Reading }}

How Cooking and Baking at School Ca....

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When grown up, most people remember the fun they had at school doing a bit of baking with their classmates. What is not often reminisced about is how much was learned during these lessons, but that does not mean that it did not occur. Children tend to remember the exciting aspects of school, but upon reflection, the most impressive thing is really the education and learning gained; things that wil.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Bringing Your Vintage Furniture And....

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Lots of people have old antiques and vintage furniture either lying around the attic or waiting to get thrown away. However, before you throw something out, consider whether or not you could use your artistic license to restore it and give it a new lease of life. Vintage Furniture Your old worn down vintage furniture might not be as useless as you think. Retro and vintage is in, and some peo.... {{ Continue Reading }}