Welcome the spring and redesign you....

By :- Kate, On February 14, 2014 in ::-House, Products
Many people postpone giving their homes a makeover, as they are worried about the cost implications. It’s difficult enough to run the family budget without trying to add further expense to the mix. You can, though, enhance the look of the room with a few changes and you won’t break the bank in the process.   Additions for the living room   Coffee tables can be irksome. They often.... {{ Continue Reading }}

A great excuse to really go for it

By :- Kate, On February 13, 2014 in ::-Funny
As if most of us really ever needed one; a great excuse to really go for it is a day – or an evening – at the races. Now for any ladies out there who’ve never tried it and think of a race meeting as either Royal Ascot at one extreme, or dodgy old blokes in raincoats and trilbies puffing on cigars at the other, the good news is that the real truth is a nice happy medium. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}