Dating when you’re a parent isnâ€....

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Let’s face it, dating isn’t easy, even if you are young free and single, it’s pretty hard work.  Add a kid or two to the mix and all of a sudden dating becomes almost impossible, and an all too familiar pastime…or does it?  So ok, dating as a single mum or dad is tricky, there’s probably lots of questions racing around your head, like if you do meet someone special when do you tell the.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Grand National – a great British ....

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This year, on Saturday 5 April, more than 600 million people around the world will watch one of the most challenging steeplechase horse races in the racing calendar live on TV – the Grand National at Aintree in Liverpool. Even people who have no real interest in horse racing find themselves placing a bet on the Grand National; in the same way that everyone gets behind one of the players in th.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Being in Fashion Without Putting Yo....

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In the world where fashion is a must and many people wanted to get the best look, there is a great challenge of wearing the best outfit and shoes without stressing yourself too much or putting your safety at risk. Fashion is about feeling comfortable and at ease with what you wear. Even fashion models are getting bruised and are falling off the ramp because they wear something far from usual. Jus.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Fun Family Activities For Easter

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With the two week break for the Easter holidays fast approaching those parents with more than one child know how they'll be at each other's throats in no time at all unless they're provided with something to occupy them. With two daughters myself I'm fully aware of how little it takes to set them off fighting with each other after a few days of no other company outside our small group and here are.... {{ Continue Reading }}

What Your Kids Can Learn From Dora ....

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Parents may worry that time spent in front of the television will be detrimental to their children's development. While TV should be limited, there are some programs that are specifically developed to offer educational benefits to young viewers. Dora the Explorer is an excellent example of educational programming.   An Overview of Dora the Explorer   Dora The Explorer has bee.... {{ Continue Reading }}