How we want our homes to look

By :- Kate, On December 24, 2015 in ::-House
With masses of aspirational photos to drool over, the interiors website Houzz has become essential viewing for anyone considering a refurb — or just fantasising — attracting 2m users since it launched a dedicated UK site ( last year. Devotees create personal moodboards, and the most saved photos provide a neat insight into how we want our homes to look (and the clichés to avoid). .... {{ Continue Reading }}

My ex-husband radicalised our child....

By :- Kate, On December 10, 2015 in ::-Parenting
When Fatima Hassan’s daughter vanished one night, she discovered that the bright, happy 15-year-old was being groomed for marriage by her fundamentalist father – and was in danger of being taken to Syria. She talks about her frantic efforts to protect her children. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Visiting Some of the Best Markets i....

By :- Kate, On November 25, 2015 in ::-Uncategorized
The cost of food appears to be rising, and I am finding it harder and harder to buy fresh, quality produce at a reasonable price. The cost of living has increased in London, and if I want to reach my goal of saving 10K this year, I will need to shop smart. There are many alternatives to the local supermarket if you are willing to search hard enough. Why choose the markets for your grocery shopp.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Which is Cheaper: Gas or Electric?

By :- Kate, On November 25, 2015 in ::-House
Choosing whether to use gas or electricity in order to heat your home will have a significant impact on your energy bill costs in the future. Typically, gas is a more expensive choice than electricity, however there are times where it makes more sense to choose gas as it more efficient for certain appliances. We’ve put together a list of different appliances that you may use in your home and whe.... {{ Continue Reading }}

The battle to save you money on ene....

By :- Kate, On November 23, 2015 in ::-House
Saving energy used to be a solitary and soul destroying experience – a hopeful call to the energy company was fruitless as they couldn’t see your puppy dog eyes over the telephone. Now the landscape has completely changed with a wide range of internet based comparison sites – so much so you now have to compare the comparison services! There are also physical moves you can do to reduce your h.... {{ Continue Reading }}