Rainy Afternoon Activities for kids....

By :- Kate, On February 28, 2015 in ::-House, Tips
Having kids during warm weather is a dream. They can play outside, form cricket teams, amuse each other in the countryside and just generally avoid getting under your feet. But it’s another story in the rain. When the weather makes it difficult to go outside, boredom is never far off and much more effort needs to go into finding something fun for little ones to do. Well, fear not, here’s a lis.... {{ Continue Reading }}

4 Essentials for Smart Moms in Spri....

By :- Kate, On February 28, 2015 in ::-Tips
Although it seems like we’ll never see the end of winter, spring is officially around the corner! That’s right, it’s time to prepare for new beginnings, bright colours and hopefully, that much-awaited ray of sunshine. But before you get whisked away on the fresh, flowery whiff of spring, check out some essential tips for being smart, resourceful and satisfied this season. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

What a Time to be a Lady

By :- Kate, On February 24, 2015 in ::-Uncategorized
Women have always been under a abnormally large magnifying glass. They have to sit proper, smell proper, speak proper, inhale proper and exhale proper. They are always watched and called out for every single, simple mistake that makes them seem “unladylike” or “unfeminine”. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Tips For Saving Money and Stress Wh....

By :- Kate, On February 4, 2015 in ::-Money, Tips
They say moving homes is one of the most mentally, physically and financially draining things we do in our lives. However, it is estimated that Brits move an average of eight times during their lifetime. Considering this significant change occurs so often, surely it makes sense to come up with ways to make it easier and more friendly on our finances. On that note, we have created this post full of.... {{ Continue Reading }}