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“I Quit!” Two words you want to say when overwhelmed with all the demands of being a mum. Cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, helping with homework and sometimes becoming the house referee are just some 'wonderful' things you need to do at home. Of course, things are easier if you have a bunch of housemaids, but not everyone is THAT lucky! Well, things aren’t that hard! Really! There.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Top Techniques to Use Space Better ....

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amy gizienski When you move into a new home, your kids will usually go in the smaller bedrooms while the parents claim the master bedroom. Of course, this makes perfect sense. But then you realise how much stuff your children have. They really can accumulate so much, from toys to furniture. So because they're in the smaller rooms, you need to make the most of the space in there. Just like when yo.... {{ Continue Reading }}

What Are the Benefits of a CPAP Mac....

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First of all, what is a CPAP machine? CPAP stands for “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy”. It is a type of headgear worn during sleep, meant for those who suffer from sleep apnoea. It has a mask connected to a hose, which pumps steady streams of air into your airway to make sure you have enough oxygen throughout the night, as well as keeping your airway from collapsing. (more&he.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Will Coral and Ben de Lisi Create M....

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When it comes to being able to feast your eyes on some of the latest fashions, one event that will never disappoint is the Royal Ascot races. Over the years, we’ve seen some incredible outfits being worn by both men and women at this high profile event, and this is something that has become part and parcel of the event, which has gone on to become a British institution over the past three centur.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Put The Enjoyment Back Into Exercis....

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Source: Everybody on the planet understands the importance of exercise but that doesn’t stop a large number of us failing to complete the required amount to be considered part of healthy lifestyle. There are a million excuses for this, including work commitments and overtiredness. However, there’s only one real reason. We no longer find it fun. Life is a lot easier when it’s enjoyab.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Must Knows For The Tech Mom

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If you’re considering getting your feet wet in technology, you’re in for a treat. You limits are boundless. Technology can be used to visually document your children’s lives as they grow. It can be used to build a website to raise funds if you happen to have a child in need. You could even use the internet as a platform for you or your children’s talents (like Justin Beiber’s mom). (.... {{ Continue Reading }}