4 Ways to Preserve Your Child’s Childhood Memories

By :- Kate, On January 22, 2015 in ::-Uncategorized

As parents, we often wish we could keep our children young forever. Their innocence, dependency, and downright cuteness are something that they eventually grow out of, but it’s a part of life and growing up.


While you may not be able to keep your child small, you can help them preserve their childhood memories. Unfortunately, your child will forget some of the fun and interesting experiences of their life as they get older. Family vacations may be visible in your mind, but if your child was extremely young, this vacation could become a fantasy.


There are plenty of ways to preserve your child’s childhood memories so that they can remember these fun events as an adult and look back at the time they shared with their immediate family members. And hey, this little time capsule will also benefit you by designing a way to keep your child small forever.


  1. Family Yearbooks

Yearbooks aren’t just for schools. You can create your own family yearbook as a way to organize all those photos you take AND give your child an annual reminder of their childhood.


You can use websites like Shutterfly in order to create and print your yearbook, or you can tackle the process on your own if you’d like (and if you have artistic abilities). Be sure to get a copy for the family to enjoy as well as one to give to your child when he or she is all grown up.


If you’re afraid that the yearbooks won’t last, you can purchase a yearbook cover. Memorybook Yearbook Covers are a great way to preserve the yearbook so that the original cover doesn’t get damaged over the years.


  1. Keepsakes with Stories

Many parents often pass down family heirlooms as keepsakes for their children, and while this is a good idea, it can often end up tossed aside. After all, children don’t really understand the importance of a keepsake, and to them it may just be another toy or gadget to play with.

Instead of just handing your child an item that’s important to you, give your child a keepsake with a story attached. For example, you can give your child an item that once belonged to your mom or dad, but also give them a story about an experience or moment they shared with that individual. This story can be a great way to save the experience for your child to look back on at a later date.

T-Shirt Quilts

Your child is going to go through a lot of clothes during his or her lifetime, and instead of throwing these items away or donating them, you can use them to preserve your child’s memories. Keep shirts or other articles of clothing that can help jog a memory for your child, and then use these items to create a t-shirt quilt. Your child will be able to relive all the childhood memories in a fashionable way. Plus, this will be a great conversation starter when your child is an adult, and you can spend the day sharing stories about why you chose each specific article of clothing to encapsulate. Quilting can be a fun way for you to create different patterns along with your child’s clothing to make it colourful and pretty. Websites like https://www.accuquilt.com/ have plenty of quilting resources that you can browse through for ideas, inspiration, and quilting equipment.


Technology is prevalent today, so use it to your advantage. Create an email address for your child, but don’t tell them about it. Then, be sure to email your child fun stories about their life and share pictures from family events. Do this as often or as little as you’d like, but do it enough to provide memories. Then, at a certain date, such as when your child turns 18 or on their wedding day, give your child the email address and the password and allow them to enjoy all the stories and memories you’ve shared over the years.