Home Made Gifts It Isn’t Too ....

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If you are stuck with what to buy someone then you should consider making a gift yourself. In fact, homemade gifts can also be a great way to give loved one presents if you are on a budget. With Christmas just around the corner you could be forgiven for thinking it is too late to make them for this season, but it isn't. Of course you are limited on time and you probably can't knock out 100s of gif.... {{ Continue Reading }}

6 Things You Need To Know Before Ge....

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Source for image Thinking about getting a pooch for your family? Before becoming a dog owner, you should consider the following things. It is a commitment Everyone knows the saying: “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” and it couldn’t be truer. All domestic animals form deep bonds with their owners but dogs especially become attached to their human family. Dogs requir.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Tech Around The Home

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Source: Jisc We all know that technology has an established role in the workplace, but those of us who stay at home with the kids have been slower to catch on. There are loads of applications for apps and programs as well as gadgets in the day-to-day running of any household. And God knows, we could do with the help: staying at home and looking after the kids is just as hard work as any office .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Mentally Preparing Yourself For You....

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There are lots of people who dream of moving abroad for a multitude of different reasons. They might be looking for a change of scenery, a better climate, further their education, or maybe even move to where their favourite food comes from.   Whatever the reason, you will need to do some preparation before you take the plunge. That doesn’t mean just looking for cheap moving boxes for .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Things to do in the Brilliant City ....

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The Northern City of York is one of the most historic in all of England, and as such, makes for a perfect family excursion. Whether you come for a day, weekend or week there is plenty for you and your children to get up to. York's Chocolate Story Confectionary and York go way back, and York’s Chocolate Story is the perfect place to find out more about the intertwining history. The tour.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Indoors or Outdoors? Where is the B....

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Cats are fantastically independent creatures, which for those of us with busy family lives makes them ideal pets. They'll show you and your children the love and affection we crave without the need to be walked several times throughout the day.   When it comes to where your cat should spend most of its time the decision can be a tough one. Some cats spend their entire lives inside a hom.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Incredible Pets Your Children Will ....

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Haudrais Children love animals and seem to have a connection with them that we, as adults, lose. To a child, a little pet can be a close friend that they can share secrets and play with. Owning a pet is good for a child’s development, as they learn a little responsibility in caring for it. The pet will often bring companionship and a sense of security to a child as they never feel alone. T.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Grand National – a great British ....

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This year, on Saturday 5 April, more than 600 million people around the world will watch one of the most challenging steeplechase horse races in the racing calendar live on TV – the Grand National at Aintree in Liverpool. Even people who have no real interest in horse racing find themselves placing a bet on the Grand National; in the same way that everyone gets behind one of the players in th.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Fun Family Activities For Easter

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With the two week break for the Easter holidays fast approaching those parents with more than one child know how they'll be at each other's throats in no time at all unless they're provided with something to occupy them. With two daughters myself I'm fully aware of how little it takes to set them off fighting with each other after a few days of no other company outside our small group and here are.... {{ Continue Reading }}

What Your Kids Can Learn From Dora ....

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Parents may worry that time spent in front of the television will be detrimental to their children's development. While TV should be limited, there are some programs that are specifically developed to offer educational benefits to young viewers. Dora the Explorer is an excellent example of educational programming.   An Overview of Dora the Explorer   Dora The Explorer has bee.... {{ Continue Reading }}