Must Knows For The Tech Mom

By :- Kate, On June 8, 2015 in ::-Parenting
If you’re considering getting your feet wet in technology, you’re in for a treat. You limits are boundless. Technology can be used to visually document your children’s lives as they grow. It can be used to build a website to raise funds if you happen to have a child in need. You could even use the internet as a platform for you or your children’s talents (like Justin Beiber’s mom). (.... {{ Continue Reading }}

A new parent’s guide to family fi....

By :- Kate, On April 21, 2015 in ::-Parenting
Becoming a parent can be an amazing experience, but as well as the emotion involved in welcoming a child into the world, there are plenty of practicalities to consider. Foremost on your mind might be finances. After all, raising a family isn’t cheap these days. Like many new mums and dads, you might find that your income falls while your expenses soar when you bring your baby back home. Fortunat.... {{ Continue Reading }}