Connecting Kids & Grandparents....

By :- Kate, On September 28, 2015 in ::-Parenting, Tech
Nowadays it’s more common to see a child with a smartphone than a book or toy like when we were children, but this new trend can sometimes cause a rift between kids and their elders, especially their grandparents. A recent survey found that most American children have a cell phone before they’re seven years old, while some of today’s seniors may be struggling with all of today’s new fangle.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Finding the Right Nanny

By :- Kate, On September 23, 2015 in ::-Parenting, Tips
Having had some bad luck in the past with fly by night housekeepers, you are finally ready to acquire a full time nanny. But finding a nanny agency that is right for you can be trickier than you might think. Like any other endeavor in life, thorough research into the completion of your task well only aid in the reaching of your goals, in this case to find the right nanny. A nanny agency is the bes.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Your Child, Your Student: Smart Ste....

By :- Kate, On September 19, 2015 in ::-Parenting
There are plenty of distractions around the home even for the most diligent of students, which is why it is often a good idea to try and find a special space or area where they can concentrate on their work without interruptions. Our children often have a busy week ahead of them with not just school and sports activities and some socialising, but homework too. This is why setting up a designate.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Are You Looking for a Mommy Makeove....

By :- Kate, On September 10, 2015 in ::-Parenting
Having a baby may be one of the best experiences you will ever have in your entire life. After all, you have just brought a child into the world, and you have likely experienced unconditional love for the very first time. However, while having a baby may be exciting, it can also take a major toll on your body. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Four Outdoor Activities You and You....

By :- Kate, On September 5, 2015 in ::-Parenting
The rainy season often finds you cooped up inside the house all wrapped up in cozy blankets and armed with a steaming mug of hot cocoa. Chances are that your little bundles of joy are doing the same. And while you might find this a reprieve from reality, your mini-mes might just be bored out of your mind. What your adult brain sees as tranquil is often perceived by younger minds as dull and mundan.... {{ Continue Reading }}