Essential Tips on How to Lessen Your Child’s Screen Time

By :- Kate, On June 27, 2019 in ::-Parenting, Tips

Many parents are at fault for allowing their children to spend long hours in front of the television, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Kids are now addicted to mobile games and the internet, watching videos to keep from getting bored. This kind of lifestyle comes with many disadvantages: laziness, feebleness and being prone to tantrums. There are also some health risks associated with excessive screen time. One of the biggest risks to children is blue light exposure. That can cause eye damage and sleep disruptions, so it’s important that parents try to keep their children safe from this. One way of doing so is by looking into blue light glasses (find out more here). That should keep children’s eyes safe. However, if you have kids that are going through screen addiction, then as a parent, you need to intervene and take some drastic measures. It will help if you do not tolerate this habit because it can give you more significant problems in the future, which can significantly impact the growth and development cycle of your child. Here are some pointers to prevent your child from using gadgets.

Keep them busy

When kids complain of getting bored, you tend to hand them over your tablet or phone hoping that they will keep quiet. Instead of doing this, why not give them alternatives like playing with fun learning educational toys to alleviate their boredom and at the same time, challenge their brains. Instead of leaving them alone with gadgets, why not play with them so their attention will veer away from their devices.

Walk the talk

How can you be effective in instilling discipline in your kids when they see you violate the rules? If you are implementing a no gadget rule at specific hours, then they should not see you using your phone or computer. Set aside your gadgets for a couple of hours a day and do something else for a change.

Give your kids a daily routine

If you are having a difficult time waking your kids in the morning or they will not do their assignments on their own, then it is best to establish a set routine and teach them how to become responsible. Write down a list of chores that they have to accomplish every day to make them more productive. If your kids are kept busy, they will not think much about their screen time.

Allow them to play outdoors

Twenty to thirty years ago, most kids led an active lifestyle because there were limited gadgets on hand. They had no choice but to play outdoors. Engaging in physical games can help release pent up energy, which makes them calmer after an hour or two. You also have to consider asking yourself questions like “What age should you give your Child have a Mobile Phone?” so that you can decide to allow them their own devices at an appropriate age. Until then, encourage them to explore the outdoors and hang out with other kids in the neighborhood, with minimal device usage (except if it’s needed for assignments and schoolwork).

Engage in sports

Did you love to play games when you were younger? If the answer is yes, then this is the best opportunity to teach your kids to play sports. Whether you are into basketball, volleyball, softball or baseball, you should take this opportunity to bond with your child. Also, learning how to play sports helps them develop their character, and it teaches them resilience, sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Lastly, you need to set clear and strict rules about their screen time. You should always be in control of their gadgets and their activities. Do not hesitate to confiscate their devices if they do not follow the rules.