Four Tips For Taking Care During Cold Season

By :- Kate, On June 26, 2015 in ::-Products

Colds can spread easily once you bring it home to your family. In fact, you could even spread it back and forth between one another. That’s why it’s important to take some steps to combat colds quickly and help keep them from spreading.

You might think it’s impossible to prevent the spread of colds, but it is possible. Here are four tips that will hopefully help you and your family take better care when cold season comes back, and keep from spreading it to each other.

Cover Your Cough

Cold germs are spread through your saliva. That means that when you cough or sneeze you are basically shooting germs at the people and items around you. This is why your mother always told you to cover your mouth whenever you coughed.

You may actually want to sneeze or cough into your arm if you don’t have ready access to a sink or some hand sanitizer. This way you aren’t putting your germs on everything your hands touch post cough.


Wash Your Hands Often

Even if you sneeze in your arm, wash your hands often during cold season. It may save you from the people that don’t do that. Every door handle, phone, or sink you touch could have cold germs just waiting to make you sick.

It can help to keep some hand sanitizer on hand to kill germs whenever washing is not convenient, like riding in a car or elevator.

Use Disinfectants

Whether you use your hand sanitizer or some Lysol, make sure you disinfect your home often while the cold germs are inside. If someone is sick in your home it might be hard to prevent spread, but you can try your best by keeping things clean.

Disinfectants like Lysol can help kill the cold germ before it transfers itself from that door handle to the next person that touches it.


Try Alternative Remedies

There are a lot of great home remedies that can help you fight the cold once you have it, or at least help soothe your symptoms. There is a great list of things in this article calling the common cold karma, such as the health benefits of chicken noodle soup.

Things like honey and garlic can help fight your cough and a sore throat. You may remember your mom giving your hot tea with honey and lemon for a cold or sore throat. It really does help.

Basically, the way to fight a cold is to be proactive. Feed your family healthy foods so they are getting enough vitamins and nutrients, and drink plenty of water, and you’ll be sure to at least ditch your cold quickly if not make it through the season cold free.