How to Choose Contact Lenses if You Have Dark Eyes

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Your eyes are one of the most expressive parts of your face – and it’s exciting to be able to change the eye color nature gave you by wearing colored contact lenses. Unlike changing your hair color where you have to do a chemical treatment to reverse the color, you can simply remove colored contact lenses to restore your eyes to their natural color. There are colored contact lenses to suit almost everyone, but people with dark eyes have some special considerations to consider if they want a lighter eye color.

Choosing Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

If you have dark eyes and want to change to a lighter eye color, you can do that with colored eye contacts, but not all contact lenses will give the desired effect. There are several types of colored contact lenses, each with its own unique set of benefits. The two options for people who want to change their eye color are enhancement tinted colored contact lenses and color tint contacts. Try Lensbase for a full range of reputable and affordable lenses, they have a wealth of experience selling cosmetic and prescriptive lenses.

Enhancement tinted colored contact lenses have a translucent layer of color applied to them and are designed to enhance a wearer’s natural eye color. Because the color is translucent, it doesn’t drastically change a person’s natural eye color – but instead enhances it. This type of colored contact lens works well for people who have a particular eye color, for example blue or gray, but who want a deeper or more dramatic blue shade. Enhancement tinted colored contact lenses don’t work well for people with dark eyes, because their dark eye color still shows through the translucent lens.

Colored Eye Contacts for People with Dark Eyes

Fortunately, there are colored contacts for dark eyes that can cover deeper shades of eye pigment. Color tints are colored contact lenses that have an opaque coating of color that hides the eye color underneath the lens. You can still see the world through these lenses, because the center portion is uncolored, allowing light to still reach the pupil. Color tints are the best choice for dark eyes, because they the hide natural eye color completely, making it possible to get lighter eyes – or eyes of a completely color. You can buy color tints in a range of eye colors to satisfy the need to have almost any eye color.

Colored Eye Contact Are Fun

Colored contacts for dark eyes open up the possibility of having blue eyes, green eyes or even amethyst eyes for a day – or every day. Choose them carefully – and enjoy wearing them!