How To Plan The Holiday Of A Lifetime

By :- Kate, On April 29, 2014 in ::-Tips

Planning your average holiday isn’t too much of a task, but planning for a trip of a lifetime is a little different. This could be a honeymoon, a family trip you’ve been thinking about for years or a trip you were never able to afford. Whatever your reason for this trip, you have to make sure you’ve done your absolute best to make it perfect not only for yourself but for the people you are travelling with. So where do you start? Well here is what to do if you’re planning a honeymoon, family trip or a luxury stay away.


When planning a honeymoon you need to think about the more romantic side of things. Sure you could just go on a normal holiday and do the same boring things, or you can be more adventurous and do things you wouldn’t normally do. Pushing your boundaries is a great way to get to know and support each other in your new titles of Mr and Mrs Perhaps this might be splashing out on a private jet together from sites like Jettly or maybe choosing a destination which is much more stylish and high class so you really feel like you’re living the dream. You can let your love for each other take over and be the driving force of the trip. Choose a destination which both of you love or that you both have nostalgia for. Once the location is picked you need to think about what to bring, which will be the same as a normal trip but maybe with some cheeky little additions maybe you could rent a villa (if you would be interested, you could check this out)!. If you’re not one for the outdoors then choose a place where there is plenty of entertainment around.

Family Trip

This trip can vary depending on the age of your kids, should you be travelling with them. If you’re a group of adults then you can easily decipher between you which destinations are the most perfect and what activities to do, but the task is much harder with kids. You need to choose a destination that is child friendly but is also great for adults should you want time to yourself. Some kind of travel insurance also needs to be considered for all that are travelling on the trip as you want to be certain that all of you are covered and for certain instances such as trip cancellations and abandonment. If you’re a parent, you won’t mind the destination as much if you’re children are happy; as happy kids means happy parents!

Luxury Trip

For a once in a lifetime trip you need to pick a destination that is far away and offer all kinds of exciting things. You want this place to offer as many activities as possible and you want to make the most of the trip. Be bold and go for at least one week and if you’re feeling particularly lavish you can book something for 2 or even 3 weeks. This gives you plenty of time to do everything you want to whilst also having time to stop and enjoy the views. If money is no option then go crazy, after all you only live once and it is something you can reflect on later in life.

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