I have Discovered Online Bingo, and it’s Fantastic

By :- Kate, On January 4, 2013 in ::-Uncategorized

Playing bingo has never appealed to me, and as I spend so much time at home with the girls, I never have the time to go to bingo halls. However, a few days ago a friend suggested online bingo to me, and I am now hooked. I am hoping that any winnings that I achieve in my new hobby will help me to achieve my goal of saving 10K this year.

Traditional bingo games have been a popular hobby for millions of people for many years; however, the latest technology has allowed this game to be brought into our homes. It is estimated that over 60 million people play some form of bingo every day, which is a huge amount. Many play for the social aspect and friendships have been formed through the bingo halls, however, money was my motivation.

There is a huge array of different online bingo sites to choose, and the decision process can be daunting. However, I was recommended Cheekybingo.com, and I am really pleased with this website, and love logging on as often as I can. The online community helped me initially as I had no idea what I was doing.

They are so helpful, and love to have newcomers to share their hints, tips and advice with, which I found useful. I was amazed at the range of different people that are using the online bingo website, and why they are logging on every day. Some like me are there for the financial rewards, and others simply log on to chat to their friends.

I soon discovered that there  is a multitude of different games available and that you can choose to play small fee games, or be braver and gamble more. There are many different promotions and offers, which help to entice you to spend more; however, I remained strong as I wanted to win not lose. I used my bonus amount which I was given when I signed up, to play a few basic games, and won which was exciting.

Learning about all the different games is a challenge, and I think for the moment I will stick to the small fees, and win small amounts. I am hoping that with every win that I achieve my goal to save 10K will be closer. I love the fact that I can log on easily, and if I am commuting through London, I can use the app on my IPad.

I understand why so many people find online bingo addictive, and I enjoy playing the games, but am too busy to play full time, which is a good thing in my mind. As you win small amounts, you feel the desire to bet more and more, and I want to ensure that I win more than lose. However, I am enjoying the experience of bingo far more than I ever thought I would, and will continue to play.