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What a way to end the year! Let Skin Vitality Medical Clinic in Toronto bring you the best of what you can do for yourself this winter season. Skin Vitality has several different treatments that can leave your skin feeling young in this particularly harsh time of year. Each year we put wear and tear on our skin by neglecting the things that seem so obvious in the heat of the summer months. In the winter, our skin is left feeling dry and sometimes cracked and bleeding as we tend to suffocate it with layer upon layer of clothing and forced heat. As the season changes, and the cold sets in, people are constantly trying to find a way to replenish their outlook by updating their appearance to stay looking young and bright in the time of the year that really rips away at the moisture and balance in our bodies.


Skin Vitality offers a number of different treatment options and has some great deals for people to take advantage of this holiday season. Whether you want to look into treatment for yourself of get a gift for a loved one, this is definitely a great time to make the most of your appearance. Whether you are tired of seeing the lines and wrinkles around your eyes or you want to plump up your lips and cheeks, Botox treatment might be right for you. That said, you might want to look for a reputed cosmetic clinic to undergo the treatment (search for botox near me on the internet if interested) to ensure that the procedure is done in a correct way.

In an article posted by the Globe and Mail about Botox, it states “Botox injections could give you more than a Nicole Kidman-smooth forehead. They might actually make you happier.” It suggests. “Dr. Lewis suspects a phenomenon linking facial expression and emotions, called “facial feedback,” is at work. The idea that the act of frowning itself can make a person unhappier – and that smiling can trigger happiness – was first suggested by Charles Darwin, and there is a growing body of evidence that it may be true.” This is the perfect time of year to leave the winter blues behind and start feeling better on the inside and out.

The next most popular treatment option at the clinic is Juvederm. Juvederm is an injectable dermal filler that can help fill in deep wrinkles and scars and provide a smooth appearance. Most importantly it has the ability to add volume to the skin that is often lost with age. This treatment is not permanent as it is primarily made from hyaluronic acid- a naturally occurring substance found in the body. Over time the filler is naturally absorbed back into the body. Juverderm is known as a “next generation” filler as it is a smooth texture compared to other fillers on the market which are granulated.

Skin Vitality Clinics are located in Toronto and the surrounding area. They are a safe and effective way to treat long-term and short-term needs for the skin. There are several different advantages in taking care of the skin ailments that may come to light in these winter months. Whether it is an injection of Botox to eliminate the early signs of aging, or adding lost volume in the face with Juvederm, these procedures can help you look and feel your best. Skin Vitality is the place to go for all of your non-invasive procedures. Between Botox injections and Juvederm dermal fillers you have a complete and effective way of providing the skin with the balance it needs to stay young and wrinkle-free.


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