It’s a Changing World

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There are people living alone who have never felt lonely. If they have lived in the same community for years the fact that there is no one in when they go home doesn’t seem to matter. There are friends in the local pub, others at the golf club and people who they have worked with for years. Nothing ever stays the same however and if circumstances force someone to move away, their cosy life will have to change.

Working in later life

People are living longer these days but they are sometimes having to work longer as well. Many a pension plan has failed to deliver what was expected when it was started. Sometimes people have to actually relocate later in life and find themselves cut off from their friends as they continue to work.

Single people who have to move in such circumstances can find it difficult to make new friends without a little help. That may be a good reason for contacting a website that offers introductions to similar people looking for friendship. It may never actually get past email correspondence. With the Internet having no geographical limits it is possible that ‘pen pals’ actually live far away.


The main thing you would want to know about such a site is that it is a discreet service where no one will actually get your personal details; even people with whom you correspond. It must be a personal decision whether to actually meet anyone and provide telephone and address details.


If you have particular interests it is also possible to check whether there are any local clubs near your new home that might be similar to ones you enjoyed at home. There is certain to be a golf club, but there again, there could be a waiting list. Thanks to technology however, you can set up the best golf simulator at home and have your friends over for a friendly competition. Bowls is a popular past time amongst people who have always enjoy sport and competition but are now looking for something less energetic.

Bridge, chess and book clubs may be other alternatives in your new home and then there are your new work colleagues who may introduce you to a good local hostelry. It is a matter of keeping an open mind and seeing how things develop. You can join a good website as well as explore the local opportunities. If you have moved some distance away, you may start to lose touch with some of your old friends; everyone starts with the best of intentions but often promises to keep in touch gradually fade.

It is important to make an effort if you are suddenly in new surroundings. Even if you have moved to a big city, it can be lonely despite the number of people around; cities are often the most difficult places in which to make friends; everyone is busy and many people commute from miles away.

At you have the chance of making new friends who are also looking to meet other singles. You may find a friend or even a relationship but at no stage is there any pressure and you can certainly be assured that everything is treated in the strictest of confidence.

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