New Year, New Resolutions

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It’s that time of year again; that time of year when we take stock of the year, of our lives, and try to work out how we can make the best of the following year. New Year’s Resolutions can be notoriously hard to follow, particularly if it’s an ambitious resolution requiring will power such as giving up smoking or exercising every day. This article details some of the most practical and common New Year’s resolutions.

Clean the House

Even when you clean a property regularly, it’s easy for dirt to build up in hard-to-reach areas. Doing a deep clean can be really hard work, so many people choose to employ the services of professional cleaning companies (like UK Commercial Cleaning, linked before) periodically to clean walls and carpets. It might be a good idea to give the walls a lick of paint before you call the cleaners in.

Get Fit and Healthy

As we get older our health becomes increasingly important to us, especially after Christmas. After all the mince pies, turkey sandwiches, trifles and Christmas puds, not to mention the alcohol, many people feel like they need to detox and initiate an exercise regime. It’s easy to set unachievable targets and give up on your resolutions very quickly. The key is to set achievable aims based on your current circumstances. If you’ve never been running before you’re unlikely to run a few miles before work every day in 2013.

Healthy eating can be achieved relatively easy with some proper planning. It tends to be unnecessary foods such as snacks and takeaways that are the calorie culprits. Plan your meals properly and monitor your calorie intake. It’s important to eat enough calories to give you energy for the day, as otherwise this could be detrimental to your health and will make you significantly less likely to stick to it. Many people who go on extreme diets end up caving in and binging on all the wrong foods.

If you want to know more about eating healthily, have a read over the NHS healthy eating page.

Social Life

Many people make resolutions around work; find a job, work harder, make more money, get the pay rise, get the promotion etc. While work is a key ingredient to life, have you ever thought about being proactive about your social life? It’s easy for work and your personal regime to get in the way of spending time with friends and meeting new people, which is one of the best things about life. Many people with great careers feel that their social and personal life suffers as a result of them being so work-focused.

Make a resolution about your social life. Do you have any friends who you haven’t made the effort to see in a long time? Do you keep ignoring or declining party invitations? If you keep saying no at some point they will stop inviting you so think carefully about how much you value your friends. You could make positive resolutions about this such as committing to see your friends once a week, or making a resolution to be better at staying in touch with those close to you.

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