That Time of Year to Make the New Year’s Resolutions

By :- Kate, On December 28, 2012 in ::-Uncategorized

I am like the millions of other people around the world that make New Year’s resolutions and hope that I have not lost interest by March. The thing that I have learnt the most from making these commitments is that they have to be realistic, and never too many. Therefore, for me this year it is simple, I intend to continue with my fitness programme, and concentrate on saving 10K.

Why we make New Year’s resolutions

This seems to be one of the oldest traditions surrounding the New Year, and people of all ages will make different claims and promises. It is the time to reflect on your personnel goals, and plan for a better future. Typically these resolutions will include, stopping bad habits, losing weight, keeping fit, or generally changing your life.

The thought of making changes to your lifestyle is often appealing and is why so many people take the time to make these resolutions. However, far too many people get swept along with the idea of changing their lives, and do not think if their resolutions are realistic. That is why I have only set myself two this year, and will ensure that I am fully committed to both goals.

Being realistic about your goals

The girls want to be involved with the whole resolution process, and theirs are typically what all children claim they will do in the New Year. I have suggestions of keeping rooms tidy, doing mire studying and being more helpful. I know that they mean well, and will begin their new commitments with enthusiasm, however, within a few weeks they would have lost interest.

My children are no different to thousands of people all over the world, who make unrealistic goals, and have no way of remaining committed. You will need to understand how difficult some lifestyle changes are, and think carefully about the areas that you want to change. The outlines the typical resolutions which are made every year.

Looking at the bigger picture

If you take the time to look at your reasons for making the resolutions, and what you will gain by achieving them, it can be worthwhile. I know that if I continue to get fit, and keep healthy, I am ensuring that I have a quality lifestyle. This is the same reason why I want to save 10K this year, and prove that I can achieve bigger challenges.

Remaining positive and focusing towards what I will do when I have finished saving this amount, will ensure that I am determined to save. There will be times when I want to give up; however, I have set this challenge, therefore, I am determined to see it through to the end, and be proud when I have the full amount.