Thinking Outside the Box: 9 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Custom Buttons

By :- Kate, On January 2, 2019 in ::-Money

People have used custom buttons for several centuries. Presidential candidates, brands, and causes used custom buttons to put take their messages to the masses. Over the years, their use and presentation continue to evolve. Read more of this article to acquit yourself with some of the creative ways of using buttons.

People have developed ingenious ways of making custom buttons. The mode of communication has also evolved dramatically. While they started with printed content, today, there are infographics, hidden literature, and even hidden product samples.

Here are nine common ways businesses can use custom buttons.

  1. Make Them Part Of The Staff Uniform

Not just the attire, you can spruce up your company colors with a custom button. You can even replace the embroidered badge with a custom pin-back button. You can substitute an old button with a new one. Once the company symbol fades, a person cannot do anything about it. Using a button ensures that your logo and company information is always new without the need to spend a fortune. You can alternatively, also look on websites such as to see the various types of ID badges that are available.

You can go a notch higher by making them name tags. You can emboss the company logo and information to go along the name of the staff member. Changing the buttons with the changing themes and seasons is possible.

  1. Use Them As Stickers On Promotional Events

Are you supporting a local event? It can be a sporting or social event. Whatever the occasion, you can use the buttons to stick to bikes, costumes, and such things. You can attach them at convenient places where they will not interfere with the cause or event. They should also be in a conspicuous place where people can notice them.

People also stick them out on a trade show booth and giveaways. That way, other people will identify the source of the buttons. They can directly link the pin backs with your company. Every time the person sees the button, he will remember where he or she got it.

  1. Handing Them To Potential Clients

Custom buttons are always very effective giveaways. You can give them to people randomly in the streets. Unlike fliers, which will end up in the trashcans immediately after use, button giveaways are collectables. Some people keep them for decades.

Since a person can’t see from afar what the button is about, he or she will want to take a closer look at it. To do that, he or she will have to accept it. As a marketer, you will have achieved the first step of winning the customer, which is attracting their attention.

  1. Use Them As Commemorative Buttons

Are you celebrating a milestone? Is there a holiday season you want to celebrate? Whatever the event, you can use custom buttons as a commemorative item. You can print such things as the 10th anniversary, Veterans Day, or anything else you want to celebrate.

You can let everyone associated with your company to have one button. They will use it in the remembrance of the event. Some major national events carry a lot of meaning. People can develop a euphoric following of your brand if you can tap into their emotions.

For example, you can print a message for mothers during Mother’s Day. You can give the buttons to staff and potential clients to commemorate that event.

  1. Use Them As Employee Motivation Gifts

Instead of trophies or leaderboards, you can use custom buttons to personalize gifts for your best employees. Everywhere they go, they will don the button. Everyone will see. It can be a great motivation for other employees.

When a customer comes, he will want to know why the employee dons the badge. The employee will spare a moment to explain company values. Customers love companies that abide by their code. The customer is likely to use the service two or more times.

  1. Reward Customers And Supporters

Company ambassadors and customers want to identify with your brand because they love your services. If you can recognize them, you can solidify their status as longtime partners. Custom buttons can go a long way. You can print any message you want for them.

You can thank them, congratulate them, or appreciate any of the things they have done. For supporters, you can urge them to keep up with the good work. For customers, you can categorize them accordingly. For first time shoppers, you can give them a button that says, “Congratulations, you are our newest customer.”

  1. Stick Them On Merchandise

Do you make apparels, shoes, or any other wearable? You can stick the buttons on the merchandise. You can wrap the button together with the merchandise, too. Fashionable jeanswear companies use buttons as a popular promotional tool. You can also use the buttons on other businesses.

Even if you sell foodstuffs, you can wrap the button as a gift. When used as a gift, ensure that the message or button is worth something. You can add custom art, a quote, or anything else that can make it a worthy collectable.

  1. Use Them As Business Cards

You can easily misplace a card. However, buttons are rare. You will not miss it in a bunch of business cards. You can spot easily from afar. You can make custom business cards on buttons. You can add an image, logo, and contact information.

Since it is distinctive, the person will remember your card every time he or she is perusing his or her other cards. The card will be memorable. That characteristic alone can bring a lot of interest in your business.

  1. Sell Them

Custom buttons can be merchandise, too. You can sell them to discerning clients if you add something of value to them. People can add them to parcels and mailed materials such as postcards. You can specialize in selling them. You can also sell part of your works such as art or quotes using them.

People use custom buttons in a variety of ways. There is no standard way of using them, be creative, and you will reap big.