UK Households Can Save On Their Energy Bills By Comparing Electricity Prices

By :- Kate, On August 4, 2021 in ::-House, Tips

Wholesale energy costs account for a large proportion of UK electricity prices. Some companies offer combined energy tariffs so that you can look around and get the best deal based on how much gas and electricity your household uses. I compared deals via the Switch My Energy platform and I’m happy to report that I eventually switched energy provider, saving £35 a month (PS420) over the course of the year.

While these measures contributed over the last five years to an increase in domestic electricity prices in the UK and other countries, domestic electricity bills in the UK have not risen at the same rate as prices due to the impact of energy efficiency measures to reduce overall consumption. Energy bills have fallen the most, with the cost of 1,631 PS171 falling in 2019. This is part of Ofgem’s energy price cap, introduced in January 2019 to keep costs down for households across the country. Ofgem introduced the price cap in 2019 after criticism that energy companies were penalising customers, particularly the elderly, who switch suppliers and find their suppliers offer more expensive standard variable tariffs.

On Thursday, households on their supplier’s standard tariff will have to increase their energy bills by more than 9% as energy regulator Ofgem has increased its cap on the highest prices that suppliers can charge. The OFGEM price cap rose from PS96 to PS11.38 on 1 April, a level below typical consumption, as the major energy suppliers signalled that they would take full advantage of the permitted increase in their standard tariffs, triggering price increases for 11 million households.

If your bill is closer to the average PS705 Strom bill, you can probably save money by comparing energy costs today. Our research shows that by switching to the cheapest tariff available from a standard tariff fixed at the price cap, you could save up to £200 a year.

The typical household electricity bill for the six largest energy suppliers varies from region to region. Compare gas bills Households buy energy from the top six energy suppliers in the UK, and gas prices vary region to region.

An Energy Switching Service is ultimately as easy as first using a UK comparison website to compare the gas and electricity prices of some of Britain’s biggest energy suppliers. All you need is a few basic details, such as the name of your current supplier and how much you are paying. The energy comparison service offers an energy hotline to compare the prices of the available gas or electricity deals.

This all brings into focus just how much consumers don’t know about how they reduce costs in many very important areas of their lives, not least of which is of course your utilities.

By choosing the best energy tariff to reduce the amount of gas and electricity that you use, we can help you save money and make your home more comfortable. Regulations means that UK energy suppliers cannot provide the cheapest prices but if you contact them you can be sure that we will show you the most competitive deals.