Understanding the Economic Behind Viral Sites

By :- Kate, On July 12, 2013 in ::-Uncategorized

Viral websites have taken off in recent years, and there is now colossal money in this style of website ensuring that more interest is produced. The concepts behind websites such as YouTube is still the same, and you will find even the top channels are produced with basic equipment. Regardless of the style of video you want to watch, there is every subject and theme available.

At one time, the success of your video on YouTube would have been fluke; however, today there is a massive advertising campaign behind the videos. You will be amazed at the technology and work that goes into ensuring that every video is seen by millions.  There is now a vast amount of money invested into viral sites.

There are dedicated production spaces in London, Tokyo and LA, which provide the latest in technology and equipment. Every investment that is made into the viral market is well worth the effort as over four billion hours of YouTube are watched every month. There  are an estimated 16.8 million viewers in a small 24 hour period. One caveat to the information is that you can now purchase a following on Youtube, buying Youtube views, subscribers and more.

The target market for YouTube is affluent young Americans that spend over 30 hours a week on the Internet. These are the people that the advertising campaign is designed for, and why so much money has been invested. Where there is a popular content to be found, advertising is never far behind ensuring that money can be made.

Getting a viral video – An infographic hosted by the team at FollowersBoost