Welcome the spring and redesign your living room

By :- Kate, On February 14, 2014 in ::-House, Products

Many people postpone giving their homes a makeover, as they are worried about the cost implications. It’s difficult enough to run the family budget without trying to add further expense to the mix. You can, though, enhance the look of the room with a few changes and you won’t break the bank in the process.


Additions for the living room

Coffee tables can be irksome. They often seem to be in the way and aren’t really big enough to store books, games controls and other essential paraphernalia. If you want an alternative option, then have a look at the footstools from Gplan. These items can double up as an extra seating option or you can use them as a storage space for newspapers, books or anything you choose.


How to freshen up your living room


If the whole family tends to relax in the living room, it doesn’t take long for furniture to start looking shabby. One way to give the room a makeover is to have a look at the tattiest pieces of furniture and see if it might be cheaper to revive them with a fashionable up-cycled look which is usually very cheap and easy to achieve. Check out Pippa Jameson’s amazing tutorial on how to get the best effect.


New curtains will give your room a new look

It’s surprising how even sending your curtains to the cleaners will freshen up a room. Don’t try to wash lined curtains at home; the lining always seems to sag after a spell in a washing machine. Always follow cleaning instructions on the label and have your curtains professionally cleaned if need be. If money is tight, try charity shops which often have curtains for sale in pristine condition and will give your room a totally new style. Try and select the charity shops in the wealthier parts of town, as they tend to have the best quality products.

Mirrors will maximise natural light

Sunlight is what many of us crave after a long, dark winter, and that’s where mirrors come in. Put away all of those heavy blankets and festive ornaments, and let the sun shine through. Hanging a mirror opposite your windows will reflect the spring sun, helping to maximise the natural light the room receives in the evening. A mirror will also help to breathe new life into a room that was stuffy and dark just a month or two ago.

Optional extras

Sometimes, the addition of a stylish throw or some extra cushions can enhance your existing furniture. Once you’ve decided on the overall design scheme of your makeover, you’ll be able to follow your inner creative soul. ‘Shabby chic’ is a great option as this is bang on trend and your room will reflect the identity and tastes of your family. Changing the light fittings can also work wonders. Overhead lights can often make a room look tired, whereas side and spotlights can make a room look much more inviting.