What Mum Does on Her Night Off

By :- Kate, On April 12, 2015 in ::-House

Before everything else, I would just like to say that being a mother is one of the best feelings in the world- nothing could truly feel any better than going home from a hard day’s work of teaching angst-filled highschoolers and having my two kids greet me with smiles on their faces. However, it does get somewhat tiring, as when the munchkins aren’t smiling, they are either asking mummy to play dollies or telling mummy how someone pulled someone’s hair and such other normal happenings in the average household.

And so, it’s always important for a mum to keep up with her hobbies and interests and take a well-earned night off every once in a while! My night’s off consists of very different relaxation methods/techniques. Sometimes I may indulge myself with products you can find on sale at https://area52.com/delta-8-products/ or similar online vendors that offer similar products that can be beneficial both physically and mentally.
However, in this article, we’re not going to be focusing on some of the natural remedies I use to relax, but instead a fun activity I participate in frequently!

So, How Do I Relax…?

Bingo is one of those hobbies that never really went away for me after all these years. It’s still rather popular among the masses, and it’s still as relaxing to me as when it was first invented by someone who knew what casual games actually meant. It does have a touch of thrill to it, but the most adrenaline you could get out of it was when you manage to get a set across and you’re waiting for the final call. Lady luck is still in attendance here, though probably reading a magazine and getting her nails done while the game is ongoing. It’s a great way to relax every once in a while, with a chance to win some extra money to boot.

bingo pic

However, bingo night can’t really be a regular activity when you need to go to specific playing areas at different schedules. It’s also not like poker where your strategy would be strongly dependent on your opponents- I rather doubt that staring a fellow bingo player down or acting aloof would do much other than make you look slightly constipated. This is why I had to give up my hobby for a while, as I had two kids to tend to and I honestly could not be bothered to go out every weekend for a game.

Great British Bingo

Looking online, however, I was overjoyed to find that I could continue my hobby without having to leave my home- or my room and cushy chair for that matter. Also found recently http://www.greatbritishbingo.co.uk, an awesome website for people looking to play bingo from home. The site gives you the lowdown on the game itself, and also helps you find the game that best suits you – really handy, as there are TONNES of online bingo sites out there at the moment!

Great British Bingo has a great layout and is really easy to navigate around, which is important so that technologically challenged individuals, such as myself, aren’t faced with a minor seizure upon browsing through an endless and chaotic array of adverts, buttons and page options to actually get to a game of bingo.


You’re able to see really quickly and easily exactly where and what the good deals are as well, saving a lot of time searching through site and assessing the plethora of offers out there, meaning you can get stuck straight into whatever flavor of Bingo action floats your boat!

Bingo-virgins also have access to some really handy guides and tips that will help them get to grips with the basic and get right into the thick of things quickly!

And So…

I love being a mum, but I need my down time. It just so happens that my down time is bingo, and I won’t apologize for it- it’s a perfectly mentally demanding game, needing strategy and luck. At the end of the day, it’s a great way to relax. Being able to play bingo from home just makes it so much more accessible, safer and has given me an easy way to catch a well-deserved breather.