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Hey Hey!  We’re looking for help in keeping our blog popular with mum’s of young tots!  Can you help us?

We are looking for mothers, mommy bloggers, or professionals to contribute their knowledge, opinions and perspectives as it relates to general or specific baby diapering and baby eco-friendly topics.

Your article will reach 1000s of mothers, families, and interested readers that rely on Planet Baby’s blog for reliable information on cloth diapering and related eco-friendly baby topics reviews and tips.

What you need to know

Guest posts have to stick to some general guidelines:

  • Guest posts on Baby diapering topics and eco-friendly products and topics. Do you have any neat little tricks that you’ve discovered?
  • All guest posts must be original, unpublished and pass copyscape
  • All guest posts must be useful and relevant to the audience.
  • Guest posts should offer clear advice, takeaways and how-to tips about general or industry specific baby related topics.
  • No guest posts may be self-promotional or include marketing links.
  • SEOs take note: We won’t be publishing any content-thin articles with your keyword-rich link. Your article needs to be deep, relevant, and useful to Tiddly Bums audience.

Some topics we like to hear about are:

  • First time parent advice
  • education
  • baby product reviews
  • child behaviour
  • family holidays
  • family events
  • parenting advice
  • personal experiences
  • funny child stories
  • family planning
  • pregnancy advice
  • family meal planning
  • family activity planning


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