4 Signs You Should Consider Slate Flooring

By :- Kate, On August 31, 2017 in ::-House

When people decide on stone flooring, they generally go for granite without considering any other options. It’s easy to see why since granite is such a great stone for flooring, but it’s far from the only suitable choice. If you want something a little different, why not try slate? Here are just four signs it might be the right flooring material for you.

  1. You’re Looking for Something Strong

As with most natural stones, slate flooring is incredibly durable. Naturally resistant to cracking, scratching, chipping, and fracturing, it can stand up extremely well across even high-traffic areas. It does need to be resealed, but only once a year or so. One edge that it holds over other types of stone is that it tends to look better when it gets a little worn, so you should be able to keep the same flooring for decades if you treat it right.

  1. You’re Looking for Something Rustic

Natural stone has obviously been used to create floors for thousands of years, and yet most modern stone floors look very contemporary. This is because most of those stones need to be polished to a very high sheen before being lain down. Slate also needs to be polished to smooth out its raw state, but it retains a more authentic appearance than granite or marble.

  1. You’re Interested in Underfloor Heating

Slate is excellent at transmitting heat without retaining too much of it, so it’s an ideal flooring choice if you are considering adding radiant underfloor heating to your home. Warmth will rise up easily through each tile to keep your feet nice and toasty – with some other natural stones, so much heat is retained that the system uses too much energy.

  1. You’re Concerned with Safety

Safety should always be a concern, but some people will be more worried about slipping than others. If you’re older or have mobility problems, for example, non-slip flooring is an obvious choice. Slate is ideal in this regard since it can be made very slip resistant.