How To Clean Your Hardwood Floors

By :- Kate, On February 18, 2016 in ::-House
Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, and when maintained properly can last for decades. Unfortunately floors in downstairs high-traffic areas can experience a lot of wear over the years. Getting the best from your timber flooring means keeping it clean and in good condition, but how should you do this? With lots of conflicting advice out there on how to look after hardwoods, we ha.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Advice on Buying a Car with Disable....

By :- Kate, On February 18, 2016 in ::-Tips
When you’re shopping for a vehicle with disabled passengers in mind, you’ll soon learn that there’s no set criteria to work with. Since everybody’s situation is different, there’ll no doubt be some areas that you have to pay particularly close attention to which others don’t have to think about at all. Here are just some of the aspects that you'll have to consider. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Keeping Abreast of New Technology

By :- Kate, On February 15, 2016 in ::-Tech
In this day and age, the role of the father in raising a child has increased a hundredfold. The old way was the mother gave birth and dad really didn’t have a lot to do until the child was about 2! I exaggerate to make a point. I remember raising my three kid’s years ago and how the 2 hourly feeds played havoc with my wife’s life cycle. Sometimes the feeds were done in bed, but that was more.... {{ Continue Reading }}