Fun Things to Do During the Weekend....

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Weekends are a precious gift, offering a break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. It's an opportunity to relax, recharge, and engage in activities that bring joy and fulfillment. In this article, we'll explore a plethora of exciting and enjoyable things to do during the weekend, ensuring you make the most of this valuable time. Outdoor Adventures Embrace the beauty of nature by .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Why Kids Holidays Is Fun Too!

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Let's dispel some of the more popular myths out there about kids holidays. You can have the ultimate fun of a children's holiday; one that's as entertaining for your children as it is for you. Here's some good advice to ensure that you have the best of all holidays. Pack wisely. The following are tips to make your kid's holiday more fun and memorable... travellers must carry hand luggage .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Family Games for the Hot Tub

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We recently had a great break on a treehouse holiday with a hot tub. It sounds wild, and it really was! Up in the leaves with no one for miles around in what was basically a palace in the sky and a hot tub extending over the branches. The kids loved it and it was such a novelty for us adults too! We booked the holiday through a site called iknow UK and they've recently brought out a complete gu.... {{ Continue Reading }}

How to Avoid Over-Spending at Chris....

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Your friends are wearing horrendous jumpers, lights are hanging from every inch of your house and you can't escape the sound of Mariah Carey. This can only mean one thing – the Christmas season is here! Whilst we may jump with joy at the thought of time off work, great food and gifts, the cost of Christmas shopping may have already begun to linger in the back of your mind. 1. Gift cards.... {{ Continue Reading }}


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“I Quit!” Two words you want to say when overwhelmed with all the demands of being a mum. Cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, helping with homework and sometimes becoming the house referee are just some 'wonderful' things you need to do at home. Of course, things are easier if you have a bunch of housemaids, but not everyone is THAT lucky! Well, things aren’t that hard! Really! There.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Fun Family Activities For Easter

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With the two week break for the Easter holidays fast approaching those parents with more than one child know how they'll be at each other's throats in no time at all unless they're provided with something to occupy them. With two daughters myself I'm fully aware of how little it takes to set them off fighting with each other after a few days of no other company outside our small group and here are.... {{ Continue Reading }}

A great excuse to really go for it

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As if most of us really ever needed one; a great excuse to really go for it is a day – or an evening – at the races. Now for any ladies out there who’ve never tried it and think of a race meeting as either Royal Ascot at one extreme, or dodgy old blokes in raincoats and trilbies puffing on cigars at the other, the good news is that the real truth is a nice happy medium. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

How to make Make Belarusian Cupcake....

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  So, I found out recently about a competition RangeCookers are promoting and thought I’d give it a go. The prize is a new oven worth, like, £1000, and, considering I’ve recently managed to burn over cleaner into a gross mess on the bottom of the oven, rendering me kind of desperate for a new one, I felt I’d give it a go.   [caption id="attachment_836" align="aligncenter".... {{ Continue Reading }}