5 Useful Gifts Every Brand New Parent Needs

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If you know someone who’s about to give birth to a new son or daughter, you’ll certainly have to celebrate the occasion with a thoughtful gift. Since there is so much variety available out there though, there are certain products which may be unsuitable for the little bub. Whether you want to buy some magnetic child safety locks for your cupboards, or some exciting toys for the newborn, there are lots of options. Thus, it pays to think carefully about what to buy so the parents can then make use of the present in the right manner. Here are five of the best products that you can purchase for the new mum and dad.

1. Clothes. A baby can never have too much to wear. With the risk of stains from food, dribble and poo, having a clean change of clothing is a must for any parents. When purchasing new outfits though, be aware that the baby will grow fairly fast. Therefore, it pays to be careful before handing over your money. Think about whether the romper or sleepsuit you wish to buy will actually be useful to the little tot. Does it suit the current season or will they grow out of it before the weather becomes right? Also stay away from anything too frilly or stylish as these can be difficult to clean up properly.


2. Blankets. Since the little bub will be sleeping quite a lot, the blanket is an absolute essential. When choosing a particular style, make sure to purchase two of the same pattern and material. In this way, if the baby gets too attached to it, the parents will always have a spare while they do the laundry. Extra preparation will reduce the crying later on. For an added bonus, you could always throw in some infant sleepwear to go along with the blanket.


3. Toys. Playtime is important for a baby as this is when they learn. While most people choose stuffed animals here, there are actually much better ideas when it comes to baby gifts. Since a teddy is a static object, it won’t really engage the newborn child. Instead, choose toys with moving parts, sounds and flashing mirrors. These will grab the baby’s attention, keeping them occupied while teaching them about perception, motion and other important skills. Opting for a dynamic playtime object will benefit both child and parents much more than any stuffed animal ever could.


4. Nappies. One of the greatest expenses that any parent has is purchasing disposable diapers. To help ease their financial burden, why not buy some nappies as a welcome to the world gift for the little bub? Just be sure to choose the right size when shopping for the perfect baby present though, as some may be too large for the newborn child. You should also find out whether the parents want to use disposable nappies or whether they prefer the reusable kind. This will then help you to make a better decision when out shopping.


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5. Books. This gift idea is really planning ahead of time. If you’re buying for baby, choose a multi-sensory book. These come complete with attached mirrors, textured fabrics, squeaky buttons, etc. If you’re purchasing a present for later on in life, get something that stimulates the attention with bright pictures and not too many words. Also read through the book you wish to buy to ensure that there’s no content the parents may object to. Some of the old fashioned fairy stories and nursery rhymes may fall into the risky category.


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Hopefully this list will give you some good ideas about what to buy for the newborn baby. Of course, there are plenty more options out there for you to choose from. Just be smart and you’ll stay safe however.

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