A Guide to Spending Time with the Kids this Summer

By :- Kate, On August 15, 2013 in ::-Uncategorized

As parents, we all know that it can sometimes prove difficult to juggle a busy working and home life. When the summer holidays come around, this difficulty is only magnified.

It is however important to spend quality time with our children and as such, planning is key. Of course, it’s impossible to take the entire summer off from work but you can take a few weeks away from your desk. These few weeks may be spent abroad or otherwise at home.

For those at home, it’s wise to create an activity itinerary and one that is suited to both sunny and rainy days. Also, be sure to get the house ready for fun summer activities with the kids, starting with your backyard. Trim trees, pull weeds, and make sure the lawn is mowed so there’s plenty of space to run around. Consider installing a playset, sandbox, or wading pool to keep children entertained. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, schedule any needed maintenance or repairs with a Louisiana pool service or a similar company ahead of time so it’s ready for swimming on those hot summer days. Also, take stock of outdoor games and sports equipment to replace any items that may be worn or missing.

In case you’re planning a holiday away, choose a destination that offers something for all. A resort with a kids’ club is often a great option, as it provides fun programming tailored just for children while also giving parents a chance to spend some quality time together. Look for a resort that offers supervised activities like crafts, games, and day camps to keep the kids entertained and engaged. That way parents can take turns indulging in more adult activities at the resort like golfing, fine dining, or visiting the spa while the other watches the children. The best family vacations accommodate every member of the family.

During the summer months, the kid’s bedtimes are often pushed back a little, which means dining together as a family becomes a regular occurrence. With this in mind, it’s important to create a variety of healthy family meals.

The kids will often use a great deal of energy during the day and as such, they require meals that promise to up their energy levels. Suppers that comprise grains, vegetables, and lean proteins are all great options. Try to choose meals that are both flavoursome and nourishing – this will teach your children that it’s not only treated that tastes good.

Days can often seem longer when the kids are at home all day. It’s therefore important to look into a number of activities for kids. Filling the days with fun pastimes will allow your children to enjoy their time away from school. Activities such as walks in the park, swimming, a day at the beach, cinema trips, and days at the local museums are all good options and cater to both sunny and rainy days.

If you have to work on certain days, it may be wise to enroll the children in a summer camp for a few days every week. This will ensure that they are filling their days with fun activities, as opposed to sitting in front of the television at home. On these days, however, you must spend time with them in the evening, which may mean finishing work a little earlier.