Beautiful Lawns Safe for Children and Pets

By :- Kate, On October 14, 2016 in ::-House

Making sure your home is safe for children and pets means ensuring sharp corners and edges are protected, electrical systems are out of reach, and many other details. However, once you are satisfied the interior is safe, what about the outdoors? Your garden is a place where your children will undoubtedly play, so it is important you are aware of what grows there. You may be surprised how many common garden plants can be poisonous if ingested. You also may be shocked to know that not all so artificial grass is suitable for children and pets. This might lead to lots of research with terms similar to sod installation Castle Rock, or artificial grass suitable for pets near me. If you read carefully and make sure you know what you have on your land, as there is plenty of information available online.

There is one other area of your garden that can also be attended to, and that’s the lawn; of course, natural grass itself is not dangerous, but the pesticides and fertilizers you may use to keep the lawn in top condition most likely are, especially to pets and small children. Besides, you ought to maintain your lawn well if you have one. There might be weeds and remaining insects that can be difficult to get rid of on your own. So, you should contact lawn maintenance Red Deer professionals (if that’s where you live) so that your yard can be cared for the right way and can be made safe for kids or pets. Alternatively, you could consider a replacement with artificial grass. It tends to be far easier to take care of. In addition to that, you could do away with the need for potentially dangerous chemical additives for good!

Additionally, inspect any trees on your property and consider removal if they are dead, diseased, or pose a falling hazard that could jeopardize safety. Taking down unhealthy trees will also help avoid damage during storms. For tree removal, a simple search on the internet using phrases similar to “tree specialist near me” would fetch you a list of professionals who can remove the problematic trees safely and efficiently. Doing this can help create a clean slate to design a safe outdoor space. If you do take down trees, you may want to replace the empty areas with artificial grass. Artificial turf is a durable, low-maintenance option that doesn’t require potentially toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Installing artificial grass can be a seamless way to extend a safe play area after removing trees, without the need for replanting.

For homes in and around the town, companies similar to Artificial Grass Warrington can help ypou with the best range of top quality fake grass products. Believe us when we tell you that the modern version of artificial grass is a far superior product to that of just a few years ago, with long-lasting colour, a beautiful almost natural feel and fabulous lustre all year around. You may also be surprised how affordable it can be to lay, and these experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, supply you with samples, and provide you with a free, no obligation quote for your available space.

Further benefits of choosing artificial grass over its natural counterpart include the following: it doesn’t require maintenance – no seeding or mowing is needed – so saves you time and money in that area; it lasts a long time and is designed for heavy use- professionals will advise you on the best type for your requirements; and it looks superb, so your friends will be unable to tell it apart from the real thing! It is also easy to clean – simply wash it down with a soft detergent, or even hoover it as you would a carpet.

Installing artificial grass is quick and simple, and the experts will be able to provide a top class job that you will be happy with. If you don’t have a garden then why not lay artificial grass in your yard, or even on your balcony or a roof terrace, and create your own outdoor space where the children and pets can play? Have a closer look at the website now or get in touch and one of the team will be more than happy to help, and you could have a safe, beautiful low maintenance lawn in no time at all.