Best destinations for IVF

By :- Kate, On April 3, 2017 in ::-Tips

In Vitro Fertilization is among one of the most effective and indeed sought after treatment methods that addresses most infertility factors. IVF helps couples by eliminating most of the reasons that they can’t produce a baby.

Among various factors, the most important one tends to be the financial cost. With that said, it may not be the only option to have IVF treatment done in your own country. Below are the most common while also the most convenient worldwide destinations for IVF treatment to assist with reproduction.

In Vitro Fertilization can overcome obstacles that couples encounter when trying for a pregnancy by   stabilising any malfunctions with the human reproductive system, such as problems with ovulating, blockages in the fallopian tubes or in some cases, lack of the actual ovaries. In addition, problems with premature menopause, low sperm count and in general, cell quality impairment for both male and females. The application of IVF can be across different age categories, allowing older adults who want to conceive in addition to multiple different scenarios. For example, the use of an embryo or frozen cells, or post cancer treatment or procreation without one partner being present are all typical cases that couples experience prior to IVF treatment. The efficacy rate of IVF is much greater than other infertility treatment methods.

Besides obvious advantages, IVF does have one main disadvantage that could create obstacles for couples who wish to undergo the treatment. This being, the cost of the IVF cycle. In countries of the Western world, the costs of IVF treatment can disqualify many people from even one single trial period. It is worth noting, that often couples may have to try IVF more than once. This means racking up multiple expenses over the course of a whole treatment cycle for it to eventually be successful for the couple.

It’s important to know that in some parts of the world, you may not be able to find a fertility treatment due to factors beyond your control. For instance, some options are illegal or may be restricted on the grounds of religious, social or cultural etiquette or perhaps for economical reasons either. In some countries, using a third party cell is not allowed, while in other ones treatment might be highly limited i.e. to have cells donated to only some vetted unique situations.

This is the reason why many couples with lesser opportunities to undergo IVF in their home country, sometimes frequent destinations abroad. With the rise of quick and cheap communication along with many travel options, going to other places beyond your home country for just for medial reasons is appealing and can be advantageous. It is because of this, that more and more IVF patients make the decision to travel abroad in order to choose the best clinics at the right price.

Among the cheapest and most popular IVF destinations are countries like Cyprus, Spain and Greece. The processes and quality of medial services may greatly vary from country to country and even from clinic to clinic. However, these countries are believed to be the most visited ones especially for infertility treatment.

Recently, there has also been a number of new comers starting to emerge as IVF treatment spots, including Central and Eastern Europe, with countries like Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine. Poland is especially encouraging, because of its extremely low costs and high standards for their medical procedures.

Poland hosts the leading IVF facility, INVICTA Fertility Clinics. These are located across the biggest cities in Poland. INVICTA offer high quality procedures which are effectively risk-free mainly due to higher safety standards held that clinics in foreign lands may not adhere to. Success rates can often surpass the 50 percent mark, for a chance in obtaining pregnancy with thanks to treatments performed by some of the best experienced clinicians. This is helped by advanced technology providing innovative cutting edge tools. The great thing about treatments here is that although with outstanding efficacy rates and treatment quality exceeding European and worldwide standards, the treatment’s cost is only a fraction of the costs involved in the Western world. This is the main reason why it’s an option with exceptional advantages for any couples searching for In Vitro Fertilization clinics. If you or your partner are considering IVF abroad as an option, visit