How to bring nature into your interior design

By :- Kate, On July 27, 2016 in ::-House

Nature is a growing trend in house décor that many homeowners are trying, whether literally with timber furniture and indoor plants, or by employing natural colours and shapes when decorating. Seeking inspiration from nature creates a warm and rustic feel for interiors, which is a timeless style. Bring nature into your home with our three suggestions.


For a natural feel to your home, opt for warm colours and earth tones, such as brown, cream, and terracotta. Many modern homes are seeking a minimalist effect and using white for everything from walls and floors to furniture, but too much of this can make a room feel stark and cold. Choosing other colours from nature such as soft blues or greens can help breathe life into a room.

Consider how much natural sunlight each room receives, and decorate accordingly to maximise on the light. Another way to bring a stylish rustic look to your home is to add natural textures such as linen or canvas. Animal-inspired textures such as faux fur or suede offer instant cosiness.

Natural materials:

If you want nature to be a key focus of your home’s design, opt for natural products when redecorating. Timber flooring is timeless and elegant, and will last for decades if properly maintained, making it a worthwhile investment that can add value to your home. Timber furniture brings warmth to a room, and other eco materials such as bamboo and cork are growing in both popularity and availability in the interiors world.

Stone tiles such as marble or slate look great in the kitchen or bathroom. Although natural building materials can be more costly, they are usually a stronger and more durable choice.

Plants as accessories:

Show off your unique style by making plants a key feature in your décor. Opt for different plant types to suit each room, such as tropical plants in the bathroom where humidity levels are higher, and herbs in the kitchen. To make the most of your foliage, choose different sizes and a range of species from evergreens to Perennial Plants. Add some succulents if you want greenery that is easy to maintain. Multitasking plants such as lavender look pretty and also scent your home, creating a pleasant atmosphere. You can also make a large architectural feature, using plants if you wish to. Potentially, after clearing some space, and with the assistance of an architect, you could make a plant wall or have a tree planted in a selected space within the home. Sometimes looking on websites similar to or going to a hardware shop can be helpful in providing you with equipment should you need more specialist equipment to install this feature.

Most homeowners love to have a vase full of fresh flowers, but think outside the box when decorating for a longer term feature- dried flowers look lovely framed on the wall. Souvenirs from holidays such as shells, precious stones and even branches can be used to create a beautiful and personal display feature. The trick is to not be too neat- using nature as your inspiration will create an authentic and timeless style that is all your own.