How to Combat Rising Travel Costs T....

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Travelling around London has always been an adventure, and something that can either be a pleasure, or a nightmare. The public transport system has improved a huge amount over the years; however, this has come at a cost to everyone.  If I am to achieve my goal of saving 10K this year, I think I am going to have to be resourceful with my travelling plans. With rising fuel costs and budgets bein.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Time to Consider Moving Out of Cent....

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Living in central London has always been fun, however, with the cost of living increasing, and my expenditures rising, it may be time to consider moving. There are both advantages and disadvantages to living in the city, and I have lived here for over 10 years, and seen so many changes. The girls are settled here, but I have to consider what is right for my family and my challenge of saving 10K th.... {{ Continue Reading }}

When You Need to Consider Alternati....

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Living with two young children and an incredibly hyperactive dog there will always be times when things get ruined and broken. I have had my sofa for many years, and the kids and dog love to use it for everything other than sitting. Finally, the sofa gave up the other day, which left me with the dilemma of how to get a new one as cheap as possible. When you cannot afford the shops My goal to.... {{ Continue Reading }}

About Me and Why I Choose to Blog

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Writing has always been a passion of mine ever since I was a small girl, and now I am a single Mum of two, I ensure I have time to blog. I’m Kate and live in London with my two gorgeous children, Bethany and Hayley.  I have lived in this part of the UK since buying my mid terraced house 10 years ago. What I love in life I seem to have far too many things to do in a day; however, I ensure .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Charity Shops the Way Forward to Sa....

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Charity shops have been available on the high street for many years, and although I use them to donate my old items, I had never considered purchasing goods. When I started the goal to save 10K I knew that I would be stepping out of my comfort zone, and entering new territory. This included finding new, cheaper ways to purchase clothes. With two growing children, clothes are bought several time.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Eating out on a Budget in London

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Restaurants in London are amazing, and there is a huge amount of variety ensuring that regardless of your budget, you can eat out for an affordable price. I love cooking, and food, therefore, the girls and I eat in at home most nights. However, once in a while it is nice to treat the children to a meal out, which isn’t a fast food restaurant. When I began my mission to save 10K this year, I w.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Finding the Cheapest Way to enterta....

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We all love living in London as there is such a huge array of different things to do and see, however, this year I am trying to save money, which means I need to be imaginative.  London can be expensive if you do not take the time and effort to research all of the alternatives you have for the children. Once you begin to search for cheap or free things to do and see in the city, you will be amaze.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Time to Dust off the Bike and Cycle....

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Alongside the challenge to save 10K this year, I was determined to keep fit and ensure that the girls and I had a healthy balanced lifestyle. Living in London can be hectic, and there are times when it seems easier to jump on the public transport. However, I needed to remain focused, and knew it was time to dust off the girls bike, and get ready to cycle. There are numerous reasons why cycling .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Top Tips to Reach my 10K Target thi....

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Saving money is on everyone’s mind, and there is a huge array of different ways that you can help to save for the future. When I set the goal of saving 10K this year, I knew it would be hard, but not impossible. With determination and the right thinking, I knew I could cut costs and save for our future. People save money for many different reasons, and the beginning of the year is the ideal t.... {{ Continue Reading }}