Why Choose Two Single Adjustable Beds Instead of One Double?

By :- Kate, On October 30, 2017 in ::-House

Most people buy adjustable beds made for two, but that isn’t your only option. Even though it might sound like an odd idea after all those years sharing a double bed, you and your partner might want to pick up two single adjustable beds that can be pushed together instead of relying on one double, and here are just a few reasons why.

Personalize Sleeping Positions

Probably the most compelling reason to use two single beds instead of one double is being able to adjust the sleeping position of each to suit different needs. You might sleep better with your head raised high, while your partner might enjoy having their legs slightly raised. Remember, two people suffering from mobility problems won’t necessarily enjoy the same settings – in fact, it could make your own pain and discomfort worse to sleep on a bed adjusted around someone else’s needs.

Undisturbed Sleeping

Most of us move around quite a lot in our sleep. As we get older, it becomes harder to sleep through the night, so you’ll want to get out of bed more frequently. At the same time, you’ll be easier to wake, and your partner can easily rouse you by moving. With two single beds, you’ll be less likely to wake each other up because you won’t be sleeping on the same mattress.

Choose Your Own Mattress

Not all mattresses are created equal. When you’re young and healthy, you can sleep on the same one as your partner without a care. However, things change as you get older, especially if you develop mobility problems. You may find that a mattress just firm enough for your partner is now too firm for you, and sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t suit you is going to result in discomfort. When you buy two single adjustable beds instead of one double, you’ll be able to choose two mattresses that suit your individual needs.

Facilitate In-Home Care

If you suffer from mobility problems, joint pain, or are simply getting older, there’s a chance you might require nursing care in the future. It might not be a pleasant thought, but it’s one that you should consider now instead of later. Using two single beds can help because they can be separated as required. This will help nurses and other medical professionals reach you from all sides. Caring for someone in a double bed is much harder.