Create Neighbourhood Lawn Envy with Perfect Lawn Stripes this Summer

By :- Kate, On June 1, 2016 in ::-House

As summer fast approaches, many gardeners are getting their gardens into pristine condition ready for the warmer weather. With family barbecues, al fresco dining and other outdoor activities planned, many seek the perfect lawn, which means beautiful lawn stripes.

Nothing is more pleasing to the eye than classic lawn stripes and achieving this isn’t too complicated. All it requires is a high-quality lawn mower from a company such as SGS, with both cylinder and rotary lawn mowers being perfect for the job. If you also have a lawn mower with a roller on the back, this will help to create the best effect.

Achieving Lawn Stripes

The beauty of lawn stripes is that they can hide a number of defects in your lawn because they break up the colours into bands, reducing the appearance of any imperfections that have spread across large areas. It can be difficult to achieve on one’s own and so, for your lawn to look its best, you may want to use services such as Trugreen to pull it off.

In order to achieve this striped effect, there will need to be a systematic approach to your mowing. You should only ever be pushing your mower forward when creating stripes as it’s this directional use that makes the grass change direction to create the striped pattern. You should always slightly overlap the previous stripe so that you aren’t leaving any small strips of unmown grass between. You can gauge this by placing the wheels of your mower over the previous stripe.

Maintenance Issues

Lawn stripes aren’t easy to maintain. In fact, they’re one of the hardest things to maintain in a garden, so if you don’t have much time, they might not be worth it. To achieve stripes, the lawn needs to be cut very short and cut often. However, this puts the grass at risk of burning during dry spells, so you’ll need to water it too.

You also need to keep in mind that lawn stripes are very formal, so you can’t leave cuttings on the lawn or it will ruin your efforts. The issue with this is that it removes all of the nutrients from the soil, so you’ll need grass fertilizer to add nutrients back in. Try to find an organic fertilizer made with natural ingredients to prevent killing beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies.

The Method to Lawn Stripes

1. Decide which way you want your stripes to go and start cutting the edge of your lawn at right angles to these stripes. Then, overlap this to ensure the entire edge of your lawn is cut.

2. Turn your mower to the angle of your stripes and start mowing in a straight line to create the first stripe, at the edge of the lawn.

3. Repeat the above step at the other side of your lawn.

4. Once done, you can work on the middle section, working methodically up and down and remembering to overlap the previous stripe.

5. Voila! You should now have perfect lawn stripes!

Taking the time to do these stripes will not only help to create the perfect lawn but will also give your garden a professional touch too. What’s more, as passing neighbours spot this handy work, you’ll soon become the envy of the entire neighbourhood, so be prepared to be asked how you’ve achieved this fantastic look!