Why Should Creative Writing Be Considered an Important Part of Education?

By :- Kate, On September 26, 2017 in ::-Children, Parenting, Tips

It seems as if education is being forced to concentrate more and more on factual knowledge rather than creative skills. As such, many people have come to underestimate the importance of creating writing during a child’s school years. After all, it’s not the sort of thing that can be easily examined and provided with a numerical score, and that sort of work often seems more important.

Be that is it may, there are still plenty of compelling reasons to make creative writing a part of a child’s education.

It Provides a Look into the Writing Process

When a child takes their English examinations, they have to analyse works written by other authors, and plenty of classroom time will be given over to the discussion of such works. Teaching plenty of creative writing can make discussing novels and poetry easier and more fruitful since writing your own stories shows you the kinds of struggles that any other writer faces. Students will be forced to think in new ways about the material they are expected to read, analyse, and write about.

It Helps Develop Writing Skills

If a student spends all their time learning but none of their time writing, they will know a lot but won’t be as able to express that knowledge. Of course, essays can teach writing skills to some extent, but a student’s writing will tend to become quite dull and uninspired when they never write creatively. It is when a student is asked to write in a creative fashion that they learn to employ more vibrant styles, and that can make all of their writing more enjoyable to read.

It’s Fun

Finally, creative writing is just plain enjoyable. Children get to work with their imaginations and explore new ideas; that can be hard, but it can also be immensely rewarding. Additionally, the fact that creative writing isn’t usually given a numerical mark tends to make such exercises less stressful, providing students with a break from the rest of their studies.