Cutest Baby Shower Gifts for Your Friends

By :- Kate, On February 19, 2013 in ::-Children

When you find out that your best friend is expecting, it is an extremely exciting time but it can be stressful at the same time – after all, what do you buy her? Whether you know the sex of the baby or not, there are many things you can get your friend that she would appreciate before the arrival of her ‘little bundle of joy’!

Baby Book

A book to put photos, significant dates or little mementos such as the baby’s first hand or footprint is a great gift to give that just keeps on giving. You don’t need to fill it up yourself – that’s the parents’ job! All you need to do is find a book that is either the appropriate color for the boy or girl arrival (there are plenty of ‘neutral’ books if the parents don’t yet know and it is a gift that they can look back on even when the baby is grown up. Look for scrap books styles, or go for photo albums if you think you friend is more likely to use that type of book.


Many parents get showered with lots of garments for the baby when he or she is born, but if you want to give something that stands out from the rest of the gifts, then a customized one piece for the baby is a great way of doing so. Alternatively, you might want to buy the mom to be maternity customized shirts with the due date or name printed.

As well as shirts, you can also get bibs, hats, blankets, hats or socks for the baby – anything can be personalized to make it even more special.



If maternity clothes are a necessity, so are comfortable shoes! While pregnant, it is important that your friend has cozy shoes to wear (obviously, heels and other shoes will only add to her discomfort). While you could get some nice pairs of sliders for her, it would be better, if you could get her some Custom Slide Sandals that she would absolutely adore. You could get their name printed on the sandals, or maybe customize it to be the reveal the sex of their baby! Either way, she is bound to love it!


If you can’t pick just one gift to give your friend, how about a whole bunch? Obviously, when it comes to gift boxes for women, there are many companies that specialize in such personalized packages. Hampers are great ways of packing all the essential practical stuff with a few fun pieces into one package (usually a nice presentation box or wicker basket). Fill the basket with children’s books, soft toys, a bib, pram charms, a rattle, socks, shoes, a one piece, and maybe some baby-style toiletries etc and you will be creating a custom-made gift.

You might like to try and buy a pre-arranged hamper if you’re not sure what to get and many customized gifts with personalized clothes and toys etc are a great way of showing that you care. With an exciting new arrival on the way, the gift will be the perfect way to start parenthood for your friend.