How to Design a Partner-Friendly Bathroom

By :- Kate, On March 30, 2016 in ::-House

If you’re going to be sharing your bathroom with your partner, you need to take some extra steps during the design stage. Follow this guide to make sure your bathroom routines never become a source of conflict.

Look for Dividable Storage

Designing a bathroom for two people suddenly means you need to fit twice as much storage room in the same space. The best thing to do is look for larger cabinets and vanities which can be easier divided up between you. Look for those which are arranged symmetrically, and choose options with a large number of smaller drawers to make sure that you can easily organise and reorganise your space to accommodate the different needs of each user.

Separate Your Bath and Shower

If this is your only bathroom, it’s nice for both of you to be able to wash yourselves at once. Instead of mounting the shower above the bath, consider opting for a separate enclosure. If one of you wants to sink into a nice, warm soak, the other will still be able to quickly jump in and out of the shower. If you’d prefer a little privacy, consider using either a frosted glass door or an opaque shower curtain. You can also install a dedicated shower tray similar to the ones available at Wetrooms Design or similar bathroom equipment stores. This can help in the proper drainage of water.

Add an Extra Sink and Mirror

Getting ready in the morning can be stressful enough without having to fight for space. That’s why couples often benefit from having two sinks and a larger mirror. You’ll both be able to preen yourselves, brush your teeth, and do your hair without constantly changing spaces, and that’s a lifesaver when you’re in a rush.

If you can’t afford two sinks, then consider simply extending the surface space on top of the vanity to make sure that your bits and pieces aren’t similarly starved for space.

Install a Larger Bath

Designing a bathroom for you and your partner isn’t all about ensuring you can stay out of each other’s way – it’s also about making sure you can both enjoy the room together! Try fitting the largest bath you can so it’s easy to slip in together, and mount the taps to the side to ensure that both ends are opened up. You’ll probably need to enlist the help of plumbing services in La Cañada Flintridge (or a company local to you). Installing a bath can be tricky, so call a plumber to save you the hassle.

Making your bathroom partner-friendly requires only a little extra thought during the planning process. Take these tips into account to create a bathroom which suits both of you down to the ground.