Exercising During and After Pregnancy – What Type of Exercise is Best?

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Pregnancy is an exciting time for any woman, but like all exciting times it brings with it plenty of changes! Most notably, changes occur to a woman’s body and posture, with extra baby weight leading to increased appetite, decreased energy levels and poor posture.

Is it Safe to Exercise during Pregnancy?

It’s important that you are strong and fit for childbirth and the challenges that lie ahead, after your baby is born! You need to be cautious when selecting an exercise program, and always consult with your GP before embarking on any exercise regime. Swimming or gentle yoga or pilates are great ideas for exercise. You might even be able to invest in an electric bike, like those from https://www.aventon.com/products/aventon-sinch-foldable-electric-bike, for your smooth and easy-going exercise, a regular bike might be too dangerous as you could fall off and damage yourself or the baby. So sometimes more updated fitness equipment is best if you are interested in this sort of thing. Once again, consult your doctor before jumping straight in, but all in all, gentle exercise is encouraged to keep the body healthy and circulating.

What sort of Exercise is Best during Pregnancy?

Many women experience discomfort such as back or neck pain, due to poor posture from the extra weight they are carrying. Gentle pilates exercises, designed specifically for pre-natal women, can help to combat this discomfort and strengthen your back and core muscles. Pilates is also a relaxing exercise that can help you to relieve any stress you may be feeling, and help your baby to relax also! You can keep it going after you’ve given birth too, check with your registered doctor to see if you are able to take some pilates classes in Denver or more locally after you have given birth.

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Post Natal Exercise

It’s important to take time for yourself, even though your new baby is now the most important thing in your world. Try to take time out for at least two short exercise sessions a week, to reinvigorate your mind and body. You will feel like a new person afterwards! Pilates and other postural alignment exercises can usually be started around a month after giving birth (slightly longer if you have had a C-Section). These exercises can help to realign your muscles, bringing back the flat stomach you miss so much! They can also assist in tightening your pelvic floor muscles that have been put under strain during delivery, and restoring your postural alignment, which has been changed during your 9-month pregnancy. Exercising regularly will also help your energy levels and assist in losing your excess baby weight.

However, you should remember that these exercises, while easy, can take a long time to show you some concrete results, especially when it comes to reducing belly fat. In order to reach your goals quicker, you could go for a tummy tuck in Edinburg, TX, if that’s where you’re at. This could reduce the stubborn belly fat that has accumulated around your abdomen over the course of your pregnancy. It could also make you more mobile by reducing your mass, which can make exercises such as Pilates easier to do. As a result, you can adapt to a more active lifestyle, enabling you to achieve a healthy and strong body.

It is vital to exercise during and after your pregnancy, not only for your own energy levels, fitness and happiness, but for the well being of your baby too! Make sure that you always consult a medical professional before starting any kind of fitness program, and attend classes with a qualified professional, who can tailor exercises to suit your individual requirements. There are many qualified postural alignment experts in London and the UK who specialise in customising routines for pregnant women or new mothers, and who will be able to advise you on the best type of exercise to take for your health and well being.