Extreme Summer Makeover

By :- Kate, On June 19, 2013 in ::-Uncategorized

With the new season comes a new approach, particularly to personal appearance and attitude. The summer months tend to bring out a different side to our characters, we feel more enthusiastic, energetic and inspired to change the things we just aren’t happy with.

Appearance is an important consideration to most of us. It is something we focus so heavily on, on a daily basis. Society is obsessed with looks and appearance and there isn’t a person out there that can claim this does not have some sort of impact on them.

Sadly, there is great stigma attached to wearing glasses that often stems from school days. Being teased for having to wear glasses is fully expected and can cause great sadness and resentment, something which can follow on to adult years. The need to be rid of the glasses and to shed the school image is almost a matter of urgency for those that have real hatred for their poor vision. More and more people have, and continue to turn to, laser eye surgery to boost their confidence and improve their appearance.

After wearing glasses for so many years, many feel entirely different once they have been removed on a permanent basis. For those that have really poor vision, extreme measures may need to be taken to enable them to be rid of the glasses or lenses for good. Ultralase laser eye surgery is one of the best ways to ensure your transformation is complete.

Nowadays, laser eye surgery could be considered a safe elective surgical procedure with a low complication rate. But most of us are always skeptical about the cost of the surgery and its success rate. For this, you could always be prepared by doing your research. For example, if you are from Melbourne and want to get laser eye surgery, you could begin your research with clinics that provide the treatment, their cost ( you could browse for “laser eye surgery melbourne cost“), success rate, etc.

With the summer approaching, the latest fashion trends being revealed and a new attitude enveloping everyone, there is no better time than to completely overhaul your appearance.

No makeover would be complete without;

  • A new haircut
  • New, fashionable wardrobe
  • New style
  • New found inner confidence
  • Shoes, handbags, accessories

A makeover tends to be geared around changing someone’s outer appearance, but with any makeover it is just as important to change the way you feel on the inside. Clothes and shoes can only do so much. When you look good you feel good.

It is so important to embrace your appearance and learn to love all the flaws we all have but highlight in ourselves. Inner confidence will always outshine the outer appearance no matter how nice the outfit or hairstyle is.

It is important to transform your look for you and not for anyone else. It is a personal right of passage and something that can be enlightening and see your look and your character completely changed.