Family Games for the Hot Tub

By :- Kate, On July 10, 2017 in ::-Children, Funny

We recently had a great break on a treehouse holiday with a hot tub. It sounds wild, and it really was! Up in the leaves with no one for miles around in what was basically a palace in the sky and a hot tub extending over the branches. The kids loved it and it was such a novelty for us adults too!

We booked the holiday through a site called iknow UK and they’ve recently brought out a complete guide to going on a hot tub holiday. All their points are really good so give it a read if you’re about to embark on hot tub holidays.

When you’ve read that, now it’s time to move onto the important things!

Hot tubs can be great for relaxing in and for socializing with your friends and family, sometimes sitting and having a chat can be the only thing to wear off your tiredness. So, in case you are looking to install a hot tub (look for Hot Tubs For Sale if interested) at your home, they can be a great investment with regard to spending quality time with your family. You can also attempt to make a hot tub more fun, and here are a few games you can play to have a laugh with your children, friends, or other family members. They don’t take too much effort and not a lot of things are needed to play, but they are fun and you can vary the rules depending on how competitive you want to get. Hopefully, you’ll have a few more ideas for when you’re next in the tub.

Hot Tub Hockey

Hot tub hockey is one of the easy games to play, you can play 1 v 1 or you can play in two teams. All you need is a ping pong ball or even a floating rubber duck (we suggest the rubber duck, purely because it is funnier and heavier, making it more difficult to reach the objective).

The aim of the game is to divide the hot tub into two and each team has to get the duck to the opposite team’s side. You need to clearly mark out where the end zones are just so people can’t argue but there are extra points up for grabs if you manage to make the duck hit their side of the tub. It sounds easy enough, but you can’t use your hands at all. Only air and water!


This is a fun game to play with friends as everyone’s competitive edge comes out to play. All you need to play this game is two clean plastic cups. It’s even harder if you use coloured cups so you can’t see the level of the water.

The aim of this game is to take it in turns to pour water into one cup. Although it’s called submarine, the aim is to not sink the cup, but everyone has to pour as much or as little water as they want in the cup without being the person that sinks it. Another rule is that you can’t sabotage someone else’s turn by making waves. You also have to wait 5 seconds after your turn to see if the cup actually goes under before the next person takes their turn. You’ll be surprised at how intense this game gets.

Ping Pong Chaos

If you want to play something a little more chaotic than submarine, then ping pong chaos will have you splashing around and having fun straight away. All you need is a handful of ping pong balls and a few people to play with.

The aim of this game is to not touch the ping pong balls. You throw them in the middle of the tub and scramble away. If you get hit with one of the ping pong balls then you need to sit out of the tub. You also have to keep your feet in at all times. To make it harder you can set the jets on high when it gets down to who wins first place.