Hire a housekeeper as you care for your children

By :- Kate, On September 15, 2015 in ::-Parenting

Having children of any age means a busy life for a mum, but if they are babies or toddlers then the challenges seem twice as daunting and there are never enough hours in the day.

Looking after little ones means ensuring there are lots of changes of clothing to hand when they have inevitable accidents, attending to them when they are tired, under the weather, or generally feel that they have to share their thoughts with the world by crying and of course being there as they develop and have wonderful firsts such as smiling, laughing speaking and walking. Add in the fact there’s also a home to keep clean and jobs to keep on top of and 24 hours is often never enough to scratch the surface of what needs completing.

There is a solution though and millions of parents have taken the route which leads to increased free time, an incredibly organised home environment, and the opportunity to dedicate more of the day to the amazing experience of having children. The answer is to hire a housekeeper.


The benefits of hiring a housekeeper

It may feel strange at first to invite someone to clean for you but you’ll soon realise that you’re employing someone with skills and experience in many other areas. Not only are they domestic goddesses in ensuring the bathroom sparkles and the kitchen glistens, but they will know when all the little jobs need carrying out and will ensure there’s a schedule in place. On top of this is the fact that they are excellent managers of time and resources. Cooking is often a skill they can offer you so you can pass over the responsibility of food preparation and sit down to enjoy a homecooked meal made with love rather than grabbing a quick snack or popping a ready meal into the microwave.

What to look for in a housekeeper

Housekeepers in London are experienced, qualified, and focused on providing you with a well-managed home.

When choosing a housekeeper, it needs to be someone you can communicate well with as you’ll need to discuss the tasks required, the dynamics of the household, and the ground rules of the home if they are to be undertaking a live-in role.


A housekeeper should be reliable, have excellent references which have been checked by the recruitment agency you use, and be honest. That is why it is imperative that you opt for people tracing services offered by companies like Bond Rees to gain valuable insights into the background and history of potential housekeepers. By verifying identities and uncovering any relevant information, such as criminal records or past employment history, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the individual you’re considering inviting into your home. Moreover, these services can reveal any potential red flags that might not be immediately evident.


A housekeeper is an invaluable asset, a steadfast presence that orchestrates the seamless management of a home. Their contributions extend far beyond mere tidying; they embody the essence of efficiency, ensuring that the intricate cogs of daily life run smoothly. Even individuals living solo quickly recognize that the multifaceted demands of maintaining a household can swiftly evolve into a daunting challenge. Introduce children into the equation, and the workload instantly multiplies – that’s the bare minimum assessment.

The responsibilities of modern living can often teeter on the verge of overwhelming, threatening to eclipse personal time and familial connections. However, the solution emerges in the form of a skilled housekeeper. By entrusting the myriad chores and tasks to their capable hands, you liberate yourself from the burdensome weight of mundane responsibilities.

This newfound freedom carries a profound impact. It provides a chance to reclaim moments for self-care and rejuvenation, fostering a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Equally significant is the precious time that can now be dedicated to nurturing the growth and happiness of your young ones. Engaging a housekeeper transcends the realm of convenience; it emerges as a conscious decision to elevate your quality of life, amplifying the joy and togetherness shared with your family.