Is Your Home Really as Safe as Your Think It Is?

By :- Kate, On October 11, 2016 in ::-House

There is indeed no place like home and there are many other sayings about what one’s home means to them which we can go through, one of which is that your home is your sanctuary — your place of ultimate comfort and safety. Home safety goes beyond just how you personally feel by way of your own security though. Part of making your home comfortable entails the purchasing, organising and arranging of various household goods, a lot of which are quite valuable. So you may feel safe in your sanctuary, but are you really safe and are your valuable belongings also as safe as you think they are?

If you take a look at some home burglary statistics dating back 20 years, the 71% fall in UK burglaries suggests that homes are getting safer and safer and if your home has never been burgled since 1995 until now, you fall within the bracket of the luckier homeowners who’ve never had to deal with such an unfortunate event. Even if you merely look back 10 years — 31% fewer UK burglaries than in 2005/2006 makes for some encouraging reading, but home safety definitely isn’t as rosy as these numbers suggest in reality.

The reality is that there are a lot of burglaries that go on every day and an even more pressing reality is that most homeowners are disconnected from the real safety of their homes until they become part of the statistic of 1.33 burglaries occurring each minute. Trust me, seven burglaries occurring per 1,000 people will at some point affect you, but you just have to be prepared and the best way to prepare is by taking evasive action. You need to be proactive about your home security and you can do so by getting a smart home security system from or similar companies that would let you monitor and have full access to all the locks and security cameras in your home from an app in your phone. Although you might still feel a little paranoid, especially if you live in a neighborhood with frequent break-ins or burglaries. You may find a great sense of security by just having mobile security patrols from Community Action Security or a service similar going around your neighborhood, this could be the right level of protection that you need.

I’m talking about the simple manner in which your household is put together — those little hinges and joins which hold everything together, like your door hinges, fixings, locks, etc. In the case of locks, it would be wise to get a professional flat rate locksmith norcross ga, and other places to fix your doors so that you know that they have been professionally approved and passed safety checks for your doors. In addition, all of these things come together to make for somewhat of a hidden security barrier, but their effectiveness resides in their quality, which in turn requires their sourcing from a quality supplier such as the likes of Ironmongery Direct. I mean sure, there are many additional layers of security you can add, but it starts with covering the basics and making sure burglars never have even the slightest hint at gaining easy access.

You don’t want anyone to be able to break your front door open with just one might kick, do you?

So before you consider getting a couple of mean guard dogs or beefing up your home security through the likes of surveillance cameras and alarm systems, first take care of the bare basics. That little second or two delaying a would-be burglar in action can make a world of difference between getting totally cleaned out and avoiding being burgled or even harmed altogether.

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