How Can You Give Your Kids their Dream Bedroom?

By :- Kate, On November 19, 2013 in ::-Uncategorized

When creating your child’s dream bedroom, don’t be daunted by the task of working out where to start. Go back to square one and build up their perfect bedroom from there – it’s easy when you know how!

Pick a perfect paint colour

One of the easiest and most inexpensive places to begin is by selecting a fresh and fun paint colour to lift the look of the room.

Your child may already be fairly committed to their chosen colour. Try to encourage a more subtle shade if their choice is somewhat overpowering or unlikely to stand the test of time. If your little one is adamant, however, why not consider incorporating their choice in an accent wall? Later down the line, this compromise can be changed with relative ease and far less cost. You could even complement the colour with a nice canvas print on the wall to give the room more personality. It could be a print of their favorite thing, whether it be a race car, superhero, or animal. You could get custom prints made from the internet as well; there are so many websites that would show up when you google ‘online canvas prints uk‘ or something along those lines.

Choose a dream theme

Deciding upon a theme can be one way of creating a cohesive design scheme. While certain themes or favourite characters may be a current craze, their popularity is likely to be little more than a passing phase. Therefore, avoid embracing the theme wholeheartedly by steering clear of overt design aspects.

However, unifying elements such as patterns and colours can create a cohesive look for your child’s interior in a similar, yet subtler way. Agree on a design that offers longevity; one that will grow with your child rather than be quickly outgrown.

Accessories are an ideal addition to any bedroom, as they can be updated with ease and with relatively little expense. Give a nod to your child’s pet preferences. Choose colourful bed linen featuring favourite characters that can be passed down to younger siblings when a craze has reached its natural conclusion. Canvas prints, cushions and rugs can all create cohesion without drastically altering the design of the room.

Find fun and functional bedroom furniture

Choosing appropriate bedroom furniture is an essential consideration when creating a fun and functional child’s room. Available space may be an important factor when choosing furniture. However, being short on space needn’t necessitate a compromise on either style or substance. Cabin beds offer an innovative and attractive space-saving solution. Many styles incorporate additional items of furniture, such as desks and drawers that nestle in the space below the bed, while only taking up one wall.

Many items of furniture will work well in either a boy’s or girl’s bedroom, depending on your choice of complementary accessories. Some motivational quotes or game posters could do the trick as well! You must realize that several styles will also stand the test of time. With a few simple tweaks, carefully chosen furniture can take your children from their toddler years into their teens.

Select suitable storage

Storage is an essential consideration for any child’s bedroom and particularly so for young children. Toys tend to take up a considerable amount of space, so look for stylish storage solutions with substance. Under bed storage is an ideal space-saving solution, as is stackable storage. Modular designs with colourful and contrasting drawers and baskets in bold shades make an interesting and attractive design feature. Keep piles of paraphernalia under control with sufficient storage to complement your child’s dream bedroom design.