How can you turn an online business into a success?

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Through taking your business online, you will have instant access to a global audience, with no barriers between you and your customers. Joining the digital marketplace provides opportunities way beyond those associated with traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses in terms of reach and engagement with customers, with online trading proving particularly beneficial if you offer a product or service that can be delivered digitally. There are minimal startup costs involved with online companies, especially if you are able to build your own website. Setting up online is a far cry from leasing a property, doing it up and relying on custom from the local community.

Earn trust and loyalty by building a strong brand

Despite the potential benefits of online trading, there is a downside. New websites are coming into existence every day. Competition is fierce, and you can guarantee that even if no one has had the same idea as you yet, there will be numerous similar websites soon after yours is launched. It is essential to build a strong, trusted brand and to effectively engage with your online customers in order to ensure they remember your web address and return to you time and again. The open and easy-to-set-up nature of web companies means that scams and dishonest, uncaring companies are widespread. Your brand must demonstrate authenticity and trustworthiness if you hope to achieve long-term success.


Tools for success

Social media is a key tool to leverage for success. Social media is essentially a free form of marketing that allows you to reach and engage with millions of customers around the world. Social media goes way beyond listing product descriptions online, allowing you to imbue your brand with a distinct personality and focus that will attract customers from your targeted market sector. By posting regularly and running contests, polls, or discussions, you can place your brand in the forefront of people’s minds so that they know exactly where to come as soon as they need something you offer. Of course, digital marketing goes beyond social media posts, and when you feel you have grown your online presence enough, dive into other online marketing strategies. Or better yet, hire a digital marketing agency that can do the marketing.

Look for windows of opportunity

It is essential for your online business to offer something innovative and unique in order to stand out. At the same time, there will be small opportunities no one else has thought of that can push you ahead of your competitors. This could be something as simple as a phone number. In 1993, a free phone number similar to that for BT’s directory enquiries was snapped up by a savvy businessman and applied to a site called Freepages that provided a free enquiry service with online business listings. Under the leadership of Robert Bonnier, Freepages was renamed Scoot – at the height of the dot-com boom the company was valued at over 2.5bn. Robert Bonnier, formerly of Scoot, was never afraid to take risks for the company he believed in. He worked hard to create a trusted brand and effectively market his company to millions of users.


Know what you want your brand to represent, and with good brand-building marketing, you can reach incredible heights in the business world.

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