How Private Tuition Can Help Your Child Achieve Their Potential

By :- Kate, On August 20, 2015 in ::-Money

Kids aren’t given the credit that they deserve. Most of them aren’t able to use their minds to its capacity because they aren’t pushed hard enough, and so they settle for what they understand is “good enough”, when in truth, each child has the potential to become a genius.

Our duty as parents is to make sure that that potential is never cut short, and that they are given the opportunity to become the best that they can be.

Advanced Learning


There are kids who are not intellectually satisfied with what they’ve learned in the classroom. Sometimes, this is the fault of an uncaring teacher. Other times, the school’s curriculum is just way too easy. And then there are times when a kid is just way more capable than they are given credit for, and the challenge in school is lacking. Children are like sponges when it comes to learning. They have the most capacity to absorb what is being taught to them, and so hiring one of the private English tutors that accept childcare vouchers (if they are weak in English) to teach them lessons ahead of their curriculum can present them with the challenge that they need.


I have always been an advocate for (friendly) competition. Once a kid becomes competitive with his studies and grades, you can bet that he will be pushing himself beyond the hypothetical limits of his mind and begin to achieve greater things. Competition can drive your child more than any reward or punishment. Setting your child up for private tuition can bring out the competitive side in him by giving him an edge.

Of course, this type of competition is supposed to push each other to do better, not pull others down. There is a clear difference, so make sure that your child understands this.



Being taught by a private tutor can greatly boost a child’s confidence. Knowing that they went over the lesson over and over until they can answer any test blindfolded will get him to stand up in class during recitation, answer questions without hesitation and complete exams without self doubt. This is really important- I can’t count how many times I answered a question incorrectly because I doubted by first answer (rule of thumb, I know).

Also, since private tutors can teach more than what is taught in the classroom, a child’s brain will be worked even harder and he will start to see that he is capable of so much more than what he initially thought. This is truly what makes the difference between an average student and an excellent student. If he knows that he’s intelligent and that he can achieve great things, he will no longer be satisfied with simply passing.

At the end of the day, all we can do is give them a little bit of assistance. There will be many obstacles that he will have to deal with alone, especially in the future. Hiring a private tutor will help gear him up with both the confidence and mentality of excelling in whatever he does.