How to Protect Your Assets Even If You Rent

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Even if you do not own your own home, you probably want to protect your assets and ensure that if anything unfortunate should befall your possessions that you are able to take care of the expenses. Luckily, even though certain forms of homeowners insurance are not going to be available to you, there will be a number of steps or options available to you that will allow you to protect your assets, even when you do not own your home. Take the following into consideration when looking for ways to protect your assets as a renter;

Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is the most common way to protect your assets as a renter. The best part about renters insurance is that it is usually relatively cheap, usually costing no more than $25 per month. Depending on the policy, you will likely be covered in nearly any situation you can think of. Most policies will cover you in case of water damage, fire damage, and will allow you to be reimbursed for the items that were damaged in the process. In case of emergencies like a fire or flood, you will need to look after your own safety. But, you will also very likely need to get in touch with the professionals such as Expert fire damage restoration services in Twin Falls, Idaho, in which case your insurance should reimburse you for all the costs of repair. Many apartment complexes will require that you have renter’s insurance in order to move in, both to protect you as well as the complex that you are moving into. Of course, this will depend upon the complex or landlord and will not be required everyone – but will likely be a good idea to invest in no matter where you stay.

Security Systems

One of the best ways to protect your possessions in a property that you are renting is to install a security system. There are multiple types, and each of them should come with a sticker that you can post at various points around the property to deter would-be criminals and thieves. A security system will not only deter criminals but will also alert your neighborhood or police (depending upon the security system) that something may not be completely right by sounding an alarm. That said, do you know what is even better than installing a security system? Hiring the services of highly trained private security guards who can actually stop burglars from breaking into your property. Be aware that most security systems are only capable of alarming and notifying you, not stopping theft. However, security personnel can stop theft. (Note: If you are looking for such personnel in Austin, then you can look up keywords similar to security guard austin tx on the Internet to find one)


Another option that can be combined with a security system is the installation of cameras on the property. This provides a number of different benefits. First of all, if someone does break into the property, you will have a video of the theft that you can use to help catch the criminals. Also, cameras are excellent at deterring thefts because there is no easy way to tell where the footage is being stored or whether or not it is being uploaded online where the evidence cannot be destroyed. Cameras make for an excellent option to help protect your property and assets when renting a property.

Hire a Security Guard
Hiring a security guard is often the best choice for renters due to a host of reasons. For starters, the presence of a security guard on your property can send a strong message to intruders that you have a human barrier to safeguard your belongings. A security guard, since he would be highly trained and skilled to handle emergency situations, can ensure swift responses and effective management of any unforeseen events. Likewise, his vigilance can be of help in deterring any acts of vandalism — while CCTVs can be manipulated technologically, a human cannot be. In case the intruder manhandles your guard, the latter can swiftly call the police to get help. All these factors make it important for you to hire an armed or unarmed guard who can offer residential protective services to the best of their capability.

Neighborhood Watch Areas

Finally, you should pay special attention to the neighborhood that you are moving into if you are worried about protecting your assets. Try to avoid moving into areas that have higher crime rates to avoid having to deal with potentially dangerous situations. In particular, you should look for neighborhoods that take security very seriously, and have involved neighborhood watch members that watch out for each other’s property. By living around people that will watch out for you, the chances of having to deal with property damage or theft are reduced greatly.